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Soviet icons were revived not because of their connection with communism but as symbols of stability, continuity and power.
And that means linking the past to the present in both continuity and discontinuity.
Writing the longer prose work gave her a comforting sense of continuity.
The peaked roofs, solid colors, and simple shapes of the birdhouses lend continuity to the design.
These amorphous scenes, strung together by a vague continuity, may be art but they are also pretty chaotic.
In truth, though, the biggest obstacle to dramatic continuity was our own laughter.
There is also a continuity of concerns across the eight decades between the two pieces.
In that way, there is continuity from the past to the present.
Continuity, of course, is the strength of a family business.
Unlike the professional game, coaching staff continuity is one of the unique elements of college football.
Genetic change can overlay archaeological or cultural continuity.
The boardroom is, after all, one place where you need a measure of continuity.
If this is continuity, it is also an attempt to disguise it.
The continuity of the brand name helps to disguise the fact that the product itself has been through several life cycles.
But because so much depends on who is at the top, that continuity will be at risk in the presidential election next year.
But here too there may be more continuity than change.
The bigger picture is broadly one of continuity-for better or for worse.
Too often expatriate managers come and go, adding costs and breaking management continuity.
We thought it would be interesting for someone in admissions to have some continuity in the life cycle of the student experience.
His tenure has been one of rather remarkable continuity.
The secret of its long historical continuity is that from time to time it finds new ways of reinventing itself.
Thus, while she was somewhat schizophrenic, coming home every weekend ensured continuity with me and the pets.
Students often find that they need continuity and comfort in what can be a harsh college world.
The serial nature of the books, in turn, gives the books continuity and room to evolve.
Phylogenetic continuity requires a limitation on expression of diversity.
It's a hefty sample, with a lot of nurses and pretty good continuity.
Sporadic treatment at retail clinics could disrupt continuity of treatment and preventative care, some medical groups worry.
Its continuity with the enviable and almost irrevocably lost past is unbroken and secure.
The advocates of continuity have been pursuing a rearguard action ever since.
The evidence suggests there's a huge continuity in intelligence among all vertebrate species.
Society and human relationships would be impossible without this form of continuity.
Fast enough response time to ensure the continuity of the screen.
It's also good practice to ensure cross-communications among all physicians treating a patient to ensure continuity of care.
Given the myriad issues of continuity that impact every film, it was a monumental effort.
The procession was part of that continuity which monarchs can bestow.
It marries old opinion to new fact so as ever to show a minimum of jolt, a maximum of continuity.
It is that information, in the form of inheritable characteristics, that gives life continuity.
And it may be that there are cultural forms which exhibit unbroken continuity.
Since the registration point seems to be the eyes, they stay steady perhaps implying continuity over the different faces.
The budget, as proposed, fails to provide either continuity or a clear framework of goals on the human exploration side.
Multiply that by scientific medical journals some of which extend with a continuity of over a century.
Another noteworthy continuity has been the exploitation of farmers.
By rearranging the evidence, it is possible to arrive at a different picture, one that emphasizes continuity instead of change.
The problem is that the continuity of the thinking runs through them too.
Rapid technological change may be eliminating long-tenure jobs and the continuity of income that they bring.
The measure of historical continuity should not be exaggerated.
Children at that time need real continuity of physical care and some opportunity to attach to both parents.
The webinars will address continuity-related topics and include presenters from varied backgrounds and experiences.

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