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Example sentences for continued

It's my way of saying thank you for your continued support.
It's our way of saying thank you for your continued support.
While they built the home in their minds, they continued to develop the land with their hands.
And skeptics warn against the continued expansion of testing.
Despite those vast price increases, students continued to line up for admission to one of the nation's colleges.
First, the economic outlook has continued to dim for college graduates.
The global recession continued to eat away at higher-education budgets.
Continued funding is dependent on student progress and availability of funds.
The bacteria took the remainder of the energy from the acetate, using it for their continued survival and growth.
And while the judicial proceedings dragged on, disease-causing bacteria continued to outwit antibiotics.
Most troubling of all is the continued failure of economic growth to benefit the labour market.
The risk of new fighting is at its highest level in years-but a continued stalemate is still the more likely scenario.
Continued high rates of investment spending by businesses are one factor behind the accelerating productivity.
It has continued hiring as others pause or pull back.
Climate change should never be used as a reason for condemning the world's poor to continued poverty.
Business and consumer confidence have continued to improve.
Recently, they have continued to grow because firms could not think of good ideas for putting the capital to work.
They were driven back by rubber bullets and tear gas, but sporadic protests have continued and tensions remain high.
More baffled than ever now, the police continued their investigation.
What follows is an overview of the long and continued struggle to find the perfect lie detector.
He didn't see combat, but aviation continued to fascinate him after he returned to college.
All fall, the rains continued over almost this entire basin.
He continued to return regularly to his hometown, however.
As the war wound down, he continued to chafe behind the lines.
The series continued on for a few more years, but if you had read one comic, you had generally read them all.
His influence, commanding in his own day, has continued down to the present.
The inquiry did not prove to be the full exoneration he sought and which he continued to seek for the remainder of his life.
But experts have continued to debate when and in what order the three groups diverged from one another.
The search for the remains of the voyage has continued to the present day.
The land has continued to sink, and much of it is below sea level.
Charges highlight continued use of toxins in technology.
It means their failure to attempt the experiment is the cause of continued ignorance, not that the experiment itself is flawed.
The continued rapid population growth in many poor countries will markedly exacerbate the environmental stresses.
The alleviation continued four weeks later, without side effects or infections.
But why photosynthesis continued to increase after that remains a topic for further investigation.
The economic turmoil continued in the subsequent decades for various reasons.
Although subjects easily answered simple problems expressed in mathematical symbols, words continued to stump them.
The frightened animals continued to display the wide range of anxiety levels they started with.
In both types of altered mice, the drug continued to act as a sedative and anticonvulsant and to impair motor skills.
To test that theory, the researchers shut off the cocaine pump but continued to place the addicted rats in the same cage.
Speaking before a packed audience, he encouraged continued investment in and development of new technologies.
Such continued distractions only wire and rewire the brain become more and more receptive to stress and unhappiness.
Even after the eruption, dangers such as avalanches and mud flows continued to be a concern.
Then one block bowed down and scooted out of the way of the other one, which continued along its path.
Lava continued to work its way to the surface throughout the area, building other, smaller volcanic domes.
Continued advances in unmanned aerial vehicle technology have profound implications regarding the nature of modern warfare.
Still, foreign production continued to surge, and the tariffs failed to stem the price free fall.
Then he continued on foot until he reached a broad, placid rice paddy, with telephone poles protruding from it at odd angles.
News of the tsunami aftermath continued to leave us devastated.
The children shrugged, grinned, and continued to eat their dinner.
The thunder died away and the wagons continued their long journey westward toward the setting sun.
It was so easy to palpate, he continued, that he asked the patient if she had felt it herself.
The bees continued to sting him every time he came up to breathe.
Scientists ever since have continued to read the daily sunspot pattern for clues to other major astronomical discoveries.
All the while, her quiet achievements continued to break boundaries.
They continued to observe the birds evolve, and make fascinating new discoveries.
So the scientists kept digging, and their continued work forms the basis of their new theory.
With their lengthened telomeres, the rejuvenated skin cells also continued to churn out high levels of youthful proteins.
Within five minutes the mice flopped down on their bellies and started to get cold, although they continued to groom themselves.
Space, he continued as he carefully avoided touching the reservoir tip, can be warped to make two points come closer together.
She continued to spike high fevers and she became increasingly confused.
Their views seemed to be backed up by the fact that gas consumption continued to rise.
The researchers were able to transplant the tooth into an adult mouse, and the tooth bud continued to grow to full size.
Although game developers and third-party specialists are always working to combat cheaters, the problem has continued.
Even with the continued development process, there are still limitations.
At some point, rates of return will not favor continued sequestration.
Continued growth in liquid fuel consumption in particular cannot continue to grow at that pace.
The advance was a milestone in the continued miniaturization of electronics.
Humans are in a continued state of development from conception to old age and embryos are no less human then you or me.
Instead, they continued typing until they had finished the search query.
Also, the physiologically damaging physical side effects of continued use are a real risk to the user.
What's idiotic is the continued centuries long intrusion of the church into the medicine that saves countless human lives.
And not when so much money is riding on this one's continued public innocence.
And yet he continued to talk amiably, showing me a surprising sculpture he valued.
But on the side of my continued life is a group of brilliant and selfless physicians plus an astonishing number of prayer groups.
They continued to play tennis through a driving snowstorm.
He continued to write, while also involving himself in the theater and the cinema.
The first continued with its usual allotment of patrol cars.
Their abilities improved as meditative training continued.

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