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Join with me to help spread the word, support them and pray for their successful continuation.
The popliteal artery is the continuation of the femoral, and courses through the popliteal fossa.
The dangers to a continuation of this peace to-day are largely the fear and suspicion which still haunt the world.
The above-mentioned interpretation of the marriage-agent stories admits of a continuation.
It exists for the enjoyment of the faculty and that is scarce reason for continuation.
My understanding is that it's a continuation of the current coverage.
Because of this, only watered-down versions that both sides can agree upon get done, which means a continuation of the status-quo.
It's touching without being maudlin and provides serenity and a sense of continuation of life.
So you have the choice of voting for a continuation of the destruction of the country or of voting to stop it.
In some respects a continuation of homework by other means.
The continuation of those that do fail in those respects should be carefully considered.
The second option envisages a continuation of today's stagnation, with both main parties continuing to lose public support.
Traditional values emphasise conventional family life and the continuation of blood lines.
And she doubtless wants to see the continuation of the leftist, populist policies she and her husband have implemented.
The tobacco suit was filed to meet deadlines established for continuation of the lawsuit.
The bank's announcement was a continuation of this policy and re-emphasises the need to correct the property sector.
Social media are not unprecedented: rather, they are the continuation of a long tradition.
Moreover, the majority of that is continuation of existing policy.
But continuation cannot be without some preservation of earlier features.
Trying to justify such abuses by blaming foreigners are pathetic and will only ensure the continuation of such shameful practice.
Furthermore, they conclude that these ethnic cultures are a continuation of the cultures in the country of origin.
However the protections need to be rational and allow continuation of a robust food supply that is healthy and sustainable.
The sides of the spike are sometimes a continuation of preexisting crystallites that are below the surface of the freezing water.
Following is a continuation of my previous post about the relationship between diet and energy use.
His continuation of spelling an author's name incorrectly after he has been informed of this speaks volumes about his intent.
Small, user based technologies have a better chance of service continuation and costs to the user should be less expensive.
Indigenous elders share what's important to remember for the continuation of their culture.
These impoverished conditions, in conjunction with prolonged civil unrest, have marred the continuation of cultural traditions.
Perhaps acting was really a continuation of the make-believe games of childhood-fascinating, in a way.
The action in this film came at the beginning because it is a continuation of the first film.
Our industry supports third party review now, but on rescissions we're not about advocating for the continuation of that.
Of course this ignores the possible continuation and expansion of radio civilizations over great spans of time and distances.
We can perceive this trend as a further continuation of migration of computer thieves to social engineering.
Thus it is not more and not less than the continuation of the ancient rivalry of the nations by new industrial means.
But this could in no way justify the continuation of the policy once the facts were known.
The continuation of a real relationship was evidently unthinkable.
As others have stated, interstellar travel is essential to the continuation of the human species.
Who is its continuation of many of those old traditions.
They are definitely more invested than my parents in the continuation of their ethnic and cultural legacy.
Some scientists have already published work which seems to suggest there may be a continuation of consciousness.
After all, as the old axiom has it, war is the continuation of politics by other means.

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