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Again, there is the constant task of continuance improvement.
Two weeks before your trial, request a continuance from the court clerk.
The defense sought a continuance to allow time to examine the list, but the trial judge declined.
The human specie with a developed imagination has fantasized itself individual and eternal continuance.
It has steadily exerted an influence upon all around it favorable to its own continuance.
Obstacles to the continuance of such enjoyment may be listed in no especial order as follows.
Accept our thanks for the peace that yields this day and the shared faith that makes its continuance likely.
No beginnings of things however small are to be neglected because continuance makes them great.
It is only during the continuance of war, however, that the system of funding has this advantage over the other system.
There is a fatal recurrence of existence, for life tends ever to create the conditions of its own reincarnation and continuance.
His ecstasies in prayer were frequent, and sometimes of long continuance.
But all settlement grows stronger by mere continuance.
During the continuance of the apprenticeship, the whole labour of the apprentice belongs to his master.
Continuance is defined as more than one school year in kindergarten.

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