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The game is continually entertaining, making me laugh regularly and constantly giving me new things to do.
Millions of people continually suffer from a drippy or stuffy nose, but their doctors find no sign of colds or allergies.
To continually support organizational excellence, the university conducts background screens on applicants.
One series that economists continually watch, and which still disappoints, is bank lending.
These workers then take over expanding the nest, building multiple six-sided cells into which the queen continually lays eggs.
The brain is continually trying to strike a balance between too much and too little nerve cell activity.
Your website as well as your magazine continually draw more questions from me.
Plants bloom almost continually during mild weather.
AS innovative products are introduced, category boundaries are continually shifting and new categories emerging.
The timing, methods, and significance of interpersonal interaction continually change along with our uses of technology.
Econometrics are everywhere, and better techniques continually improve the toolbox.
Instead, a rainbow's position continually shifts depending on the viewer's perspective.
One common take on this machine is a wheel or water mill that uses changes in weight to continually rotate.
Art is everywhere, and it's continually bumping into people who aren't expecting it.
Instead, it's continually rethought what its flagship media player should do, and fought to price it aggressively.
These questions continually greet the advocates of intervention.
Many students feel pressure from those around them to be continually connected and responsive.
They are all, however, continually at risk from the weather and theft.
Spider monkey groups continually split apart into subgroups and then later come together again.
If somatic cells could not repair telomeres, he reasoned, their telomeres would continually shrink.
Together, these rocks tumble in a complex pattern around an axis that is continually wobbling.
His modest way of telling the story caught the fancy of the clubmen from the start, and he was continually interrupted by cheers.
It is, after all, the business of humanities scholars continually to question and add to our founts of authority.
The target could be determined right at the beginning of the device's operation or it could be adjusted continually.
The montane forests capture freshwater provided by clouds, continually supplying it to streams.
Observe the continually increasing cost of your morning joe.
Adjusts video quality continually to match available bandwidth.
These relations are continually misunderstood and misstated.
But they also need to continually renew and refresh their pool of prospective adjuncts.
The only down-side to those jobs is that they do require one to continually learn new things.
The photographer must continually make decisions about framing as he or she anticipates a moment.
Some people seem to continually have their heads in the clouds.
Each floor will slowly revolve, continually altering the shape of the tower.
People, places, and spaces are continually changing.
Researchers are continually finding new evidence that common items in our kitchens, bathrooms and toy chests can make us sick.
Yet in its desire to slow the technology revolution, the recording industry continually shot itself in the foot.
Its power has continually increased during the last thirty years.
It is the seat of power of one of the oldest continually running organizations on the planet.
Water is renewable because the water cycle is continually recycling itself.
Stay true to your own vision, and photograph continually.
The engines and generators continually malfunctioned.
Innovation needs commercial application, otherwise there would no be incentive to continually innovate.
Researchers have discovered cells that continually replenish leukemia tumors.
Their optimism is continually buffeted by scares and speculators who test whether a rising market is robust.
Defeating bacterium that continually evolve in order to survive is indeed complicated but necessary.
It is a continually shape-shifting uncanniness that mixes genres and styles, and genders, with subtle visual irony.
But the cost advantages for the latecomers are being continually eroded.
The police continually called on the rioters to disperse.
All engaged teachers are continually looking for ways to evolve and improve.
His tone was full, his phrasing alive and continually interesting.
Teachers who continually put down their students are lousy teachers.
The chimpanzee continually roams the forest in search of food.
In our systems, equality is continually put into question.
It is not character which is continually in flux, but behaviour.
If the surgery works, these wires will continually stimulate my brain in an attempt to relieve my symptoms.
Another problem is that he wants to continually eat.
Subsequently, the dog continually jockeys for position and finds himself in a state of disarray and disorder.
Cyber and non-wired citizens must continually educate and inform government policy makers.
Neutrons from the solar wind continually bombard the moon.
Toss on slightly floured board, and beat with rolling-pin thirty minutes, continually folding over the dough.
It is not to be conceived how much the saint had continually to suffer in this situation.
But when placed together in a tank they will fight continually until one emerges dominant.
The ideal candidate will act entrepreneurially to continually adapt and redesign this program to better pursue its objectives.
Scientists thrive in a critical world of skeptical peers who continually punch holes in their work and drive them to improve it.
Contemporary developments are continually underlining these points.
However, an effective teacher must be willing to continually adjust to the needs of the students.
Still, campuses are continually exploring new ways to meet public expectations and to try to keep students safe.
What makes the company special is the way it continually re-invents itself.
If people are continually told that their government is plotting against them, a few may decide to fight back.
Instead, architects have to keep a schedule of materials that they continually update as the design progresses.
That's why mainstream economists are continually surprised.
In fact these mountains are the youngest on the planet, being continually renewed by upwelling of magma from below.
Now she found the courage to yell it out continually.
As researchers learn more about how the ear works, they continually revise cochlear implant software.
He lives for adventure and continually seeks it through his paragliding experiences.
Chefs continually create new a la carte menu items, using local produce whenever possible.
Benu's menus continually evolve, in part to reflect produce and other seasonal items when these items reach seasonal peaks.
The cliffs are composed of a white chalk stone, which is continually worn away by the sea.
And the number of people who work remotely will continually increase worldwide in the coming years.
In one experiment, he had unsuspecting subjects eat soup from bowls that continually refilled from the bottom.
For two years, patients continually evaluated their knee pain, while doctors examined their walking and stair-climbing abilities.
Timber companies continually replant forests that they log.
We are continually trying to illuminate things from the past, present and future.
The biological mechanism underlying this effect, however, has continually eluded longevity researchers.
Presumably it is continually converted to something else, or the ocean would be saturated with it.
The cooling water injected into the reactor cores is being heated to boiling point, so workers must continually replenish it.
Even in the presence of constant change, our visual system produces complementary and continually changing adaptation effects.
The mark of a educated mind is to continually question everything.
Scientists are continually discovering new ways that ecosystems affect us.
If your fridge runs continually, raise the temperature or consider replacing it.
The chicks hounded their parents continually, begging for food.
People have continually marveled at how fast everything is changing.
Within each brain, different selves are continually popping in and out of existence.
The idea is that instead, within each brain, different selves are continually popping in and out of existence.
Most are continually given antibiotics in their food or water to keep them alive and speed their growth.
Many of our tissues are continually jettisoning old, worn-out cells and replacing them with freshly minted ones.
For decades, manufacturing has become continually less important to the economy, as other business sectors have grown.
Any new system, once in place, will be continually tweaked in any case.
Even in success stories important caveats continually pop up.
Yet new tales arise continually to replace the exploded ones.
Collisions with one-gram meteors occur continually, especially this month and next.
But the static mechanical pumps could not chase after groundwater that continually changed course through the complex terrain.
It's a feedback loop in which behavior and physiology continually reinforce one another.
More recently, researchers have studied compounds from creatures that bask continually in the tropical sun: coral reefs.
Nearby, a ball on a conveyor belt continually climbs another ramp and then knocks down sets of newly manufactured pins.
Our knowledge of the physical processes that feed the models is continually growing, which only adds to the complexity.
Deleterious mutations reduce fitness within natural populations and must be continually removed by natural selection.
One answer would be to continually upgrade the computers--but that would be outrageously expensive.
It makes a situation where the risk perceptions of the populace have to be continually worked on to break down stereotypes.
Physicists are continually increasing the precision with which they can measure the cosmological constant.
With human urban areas continually encroaching on wildlife habitats, this becomes an important field of study.
Nature is continually choosing, for no reason whatsoever, one of many possible branches on which to travel further.
Throughout such a cloud, stars are continually forming, often handfuls at a time in loosely packed groups.
While other areas must make do with the set they had at birth, the hippocampus continually churns out a fresh supply.
The shelter, too cramped to stand up in, has a stack that continually sucks air into a device that measures the size of particles.
They'll also continually radio their own position and velocity to other vehicles nearby.
When one talks, the other continually echoes and interrupts and endorses his thoughts.
The intersection of technology and morality will continually challenge us.
By continually redistributing their weight, the snakes can slither as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Even so, they do not continually realize that there are other benefits for you to losing weight as well.
Even without sea level change, if it was not continually being maintained it would eventually sink.
Malignant tumors continually shed cancer cells into the bloodstream, and these cells can spread the disease to other tissues.
As a patient is conveyed through the hole, the machine continually shoots x-rays, and software combines the resulting images.
The olfactory nerve is the only central-nervous-system nerve that continually regenerates throughout adult life.
However, a plane using the continuous-descent approach never flies level, and its speed continually decelerates.
Currently, doctors must continually wrap wounds with antibacterial bandages.
In their world, vital signs will be sampled casually and continually by sensor-laden garments and jewelry.
He says the company has developed tiny fluid systems that would continually recycle the water in the methanol-water fuel mixture.
The cycle repeats, continually optimizing the compounds based on the results of the screening and testing.
Systems have become continually more interconnected, and interdependent thus requiring increasingly diminishing turn around times.
One wonders but the truth is that someone has to continually cast doubt on the lessons being taught and question the teachers.
It is a process of constant metamorphosis, continually articulating nuances of meltdown.
On the outside of the surrounding wall is a small trough for dogs, the basin continually freshened with water.
The absurd thing was that he was the one who was continually losing or forgetting things.
And as for his audio and video statements, their authenticity has continually been questioned.
But the ocean is continually moving, horizontally and vertically, and continually mixing heat down to the depths.
You're continually asking yourself that question, which actors are supposed to do to act as a character in performance.
You're two people continually evolving, and there will be times when those changes clash.
She was continually reminded of the disparity in wealth.
High tide and raw sewage continually threaten to rise up over the thresholds of its thousands of plank-and-corrugated-iron shacks.
He doesn't continually apologize, or exploit his rehab.
All of the fighting positions at the post were heavily and continually engaged at this point.
Our provider networks are continually being expanded.
Producers continually strive for high yielding soybeans.
Long-lived woody crops, such as blueberry, are continually exposed to many pathogens.
The tactics employed by this group have continually raised serious concerns about their legitimacy.
Cells called osteoblasts continually build new bone, while osteoclasts destroy old bone.
It's a chance to continually move the goalposts and then complain about a rule change.
Carlson finds that effective teams succeed by continually sharing, implementing and improving ideas.
Dead quiet as a library is supposed to be, its residents are continually chatting up a storm.
We are open, and continually looking at various approaches for early detection.

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