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So on the functional knowledge, there needs to be a process of continual refreshing.
Some key events in a history that has been marked by continual change.
What makes an economy strong is productivity, not a continual population pyramid in a world of finite resources.
Almost continual bloom from early summer through frost add to my plant list.
The continual desire to increase the size of heavy ordnance has become on the part of many nations little else than a mania.
Indecisiveness in name-changing has been a continual irritation.
Ever since, it has suffered from continual droop, punctuated by the occasional outright collapse.
The continual pounding of the waves can cause the top of the arch to fall, leaving nothing but rock columns.
And with a raised planter right outside the kitchen door, you can have a continual supply of salad greens nearly year-round.
The trees tend to bloom almost year-round, so harvest is nearly continual.
Facing up to that now rather than by continual dithering will be painful.
Your comments almost sound reasonable, but for your continual reliance on demeaning personal remarks.
Continual absence or tardiness jeopardizes the ability of an employee to complete important tasks.
It gets broken down, jettisoned or sloughed off in some way, to be replaced by the continual process of renewal.
The quiet and peaceful atmosphere lets me get my work done without the aggravation of continual interruptions.
Its continual reinforcement of a certain view within a fairly close profession.
One can merely isolate the property for a long period, but continual sequestration of land area becomes problematic.
The claim was that one of these devices would give a laptop ten or twelve hours continual use.
To fill their quotas by washing in the riverbeds was all but impossible, even with continual daily labor.
Re-evaluation should be a continual process with many parallel loops.
But even if they join a company in a larger city, schooling and training is a continual process.
The patronage system helps the megacity absorb the continual influx of newcomers for whom the formal economy has no use.
We have them because they are involved in the continual cycle of tissue replacement and repair.
So the task for parents is to define boundaries for their adolescents, to offer continual guidance and discipline.
After a while the parents receive a continual flow of fast-food restaurant coupons.
Your continual incorrect rants trying to show otherwise do not change the facts.
And, she adds, it would need continual updating to accommodate any subsequent changes in pronunciation.
Many technology products have become commodities, but certain components have not, since they require continual innovation.
What happens is a continual surrender of himself as he is at the moment to something which is more valuable.
Often it is in a condition of unstable equilibrium, with continual oscillations one way and the other.
The continual expansion by us into the animal habitat is short sighted and atrocious.
The continual rearrangement of the past to suit current prejudices is, after all, the historian's work.
With slow and continual increases of fuel cost, energy consumption will decline.
And while there is continual chatter that her appeal may be dimming, no challenger has come close to catching her.
From their continual friction and cross-pollination, a powerful movement was born.
After the first hour, the continual practice of his technique casts a fatigue.
There has been a continual degradation of any fashion sense in the past decade.
Nicotine is absorbed through the skin through continual handling of tobacco leaves.
All my happiness was to have been found in the continual pursuit of this end.
Conditions and limitations on continual use approvals.

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