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Example sentences for contingency

It gets the job done, even if it doesn't let you ask every question or address every contingency.
Create a contingency that outsources each office's duties to other locations and/or third-party vendors.
Even area hospitals have been briefed on emergency contingency plans.
Political scientists and campaign consultants tend not to account for contingency when they are busy predicting the future.
Human beings don't want to accept radical contingency.
And they should draw up contingency plans for cutting costs without damaging vital investments if revenues fall short.
They have forecasted what can be forecast and formulated contingency plans ready for use when unforeseeable shocks occurred.
Since they are working on a contingency basis, they stand to gain a substantial portion of any damages.
The find will have no effect on the federal budget, because the bad bank clean-up comes out of a special contingency budget.
To make something secure you have to plan for every possible thing that could happen and prevent it or have a contingency.
Many of these ideas are well-meaning waffle, little better than glorified contingency planning.
So they sent too few troops on board and had no non-lethal contingency plans.
It has to spell out every possible contingency in advance, even unlikely ones.
Those contingency-planning for a break-up are less sanguine.
What actually happens is entirely contingent, and contingency is indeed one of the biggest factors in all history.
By doing so he deliberately plunges back into the contingency, risk, and moral uncertainty that he had temporarily escaped.
Having imagined possibilities, you can take account of them in contingency planning.
Officials said they were preparing a contingency plan in case the markets moved sharply against the country.
Today's earthquake reminds us of the importance of contingency planning in elections.

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