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But it must still be clear from the context what the relative clause might be.
Sentences of this type, isolated from their context, may seem to be in need of rewriting.
Thus, ellipses were frequent, and almost any word that could be supplied from the context might be omitted.
Children can remember facts but are less good at recalling the context in which those facts are relevant.
The speaker's meaning may depend on various factors including context, tone of voice, local custom and historical usage.
They're deeply, heavily reliant on context to imbue them with meaning.
Where differences in these skills do exist, the causes may lie in the social context.
In another context, there might have been less of an outcry.
Comparative effectiveness research should be considered in the holistic context of the care cycle.
In context, the remark wasn't so bad-he was talking about helping people, whatever he called them.
In a business context, flexibility can refer to a number of different ideas.
The world needs a book that puts today's crisis into context.
In this context it is apt that the word cohort means a band of warriors.
The context for all this activity is a technological transformation in bookselling that has devastated bookstores.
But what nurses do with that information is to put it in the context of the patient and interpret its significance.
The context within which color unfurls its rainbow of symbolism and emotion is history itself.
It is undeniably true that neurobiological research is often pursued in a context of great ignorance.
The nation was established in the context of limited government and checks and balances.
We regularly honor athletes for behavior that would be outrageous in any other context.
In the context of the weakened family's effect upon the poor, it might also invite social disintegration.
Some of the ideas now on the table may well be sensible in the context of our current system.
Without that context, the subsidy point is meaningless.
If you're a casual fan you won't likely care about this context.
Our new version is an attempt to better organize and provide more context for that information.
Sometimes junior faculty will grandstand and jockey for position in the inappropriate context of an interview or job talk.
Indeed, he has only seen it in the context of recommendation requests since my defense two years ago.
In this context, advisors work as generalists to advise all students seeking an undergraduate degree in their program of study.
Perhaps provide more rigor in support of choosing gender in a selected context.
But data need to be interpreted, and interpretations require context.
Humans are primates and it is important to consider our behaviour within the evolutionary context of other primates.
Clearly, the brain uses the surrounding context to make such judgments.
Evolutionary medicine has long served to explain how some genes can be harmful in one context but beneficial in another.
We are often surrounded by bogus claims about other people-especially in the context of political elections.
First, it is well suited to its primary context, the developed world.
And by doing so, it supplies a rich array of information that provides a context in which to place our life's events.
Similarity, in this context, refers to morphological features such as eyes and skeletal structure.
It is a bewildering, rambling compilations of disjointed news-clippings taken completely out of context for maximum distortion.
For a long time, research on the athlete's mind focused on studying the athlete in the context of their sport.
High resolution and sophisticated equipment are not needed in this context.
Thus older opinions are often more mature--maturity being able to see relationships and context.
Geographic distance allows the observer to embrace the large context of world literature.
Out of context-even in context-it's a strange note, about a strange piece.
The quotes from it, though accurately transcribed, are made to function as lies by being placed in an utterly mendacious context.
In the political context of the moment, it seemed a warning to all who would dispute the monarch's version of reality.
Better design and context can clarify the results of blood tests.
There are lots of scientists trying to determine the fate of plant and animal species in the context of global warming.
The challenge is to be able to provide near-instantaneous coverage, all over the world, while providing context.
Here as in other arenas and traits, culture heavily shapes the context in which these traits are expressed.
In the context of a robot army, that means the airborne robot could be indestructible.
The collection is complemented with thought-provoking discussions of the context and connection among its objects.
The debate has been discussed in the context of dinosaur genera, for instance.
Not only would this have provided viewers with a little more context, but it might have resulted in a better overall show.
The problem of identification is one of context, form and dating.
But then you're also obliged to set the context in which the work needs to be seen.
Of course a subway is great, but here in this context it's not.
They can be digressive, focus on context rather than entertainment, and tell small stories with diffident characters.
But the strangest aspect of the find is the ecological context of the dinosaur.
Point out that photos also give context that can help determine a word's meaning.
Encourage students to use context clues as they read.
Context also contributes funds to cultural preservation projects in each of the cities where it operates.
The fundamental themes and concepts of geography are more easily understood when viewed in the context of daily events.
Watchman and his colleagues are conducting a multi-year project to put the paintings in cultural context.
All maps are shown in the context of the surrounding areas to ensure a complete picture of the world develops.
Review the definitions in the context of the discussion.
In the meerkat version, this helpful behavior is set in the context of a strong social hierarchy.
The more powerful the instrument, the more information it can gather to give context to the images.
There archaeologists studied the skeleton in place for several years, so as not to lose any clues offered by context.
It's rather informative of the bigger problem with interpreting these sorts of results in the absence of context.
However, in the context of the culture at the time it is unlikely.
Neither scenario would be particularly good news in the context of modern climate change.
Rarity in an unexpected context can be shocking or disconcerting.
But it was the context that made the news so discouraging.
The context of the rest of the article makes it clear that the battery is being replaced.
You're not the only one wondering if stem cells could be used in this context.
Say, since they have no context for prioritizing the importance of the information spewing forth.
And his tremendous gifts as a singer and arranger, and as a synthesizer of world music in a pop context, became calcified.
But what makes this book special is the rich context the author provides.
Instead he sees these relations constantly changing within a perpetually shifting historical context.
To be sure of his meaning here one would have to know the context of this statement.
The deepened understanding of the paintings occurs in a context of lively character sketches, and the paintings are worth it.
As the intellectual context around him was revised, so he was revised too.
His description of my work is beneath refutation: every single citation is ripped from its explanatory context.
And it is the capacity to injure that makes combatants legitimate targets in the context of war.
Users can type or speak commands in casual sentences, and the software deciphers their intent from the context.
They can predict well, but only in the proper context.
In that context, software superimposes information on top of your view of the world as seen through the device's screen.
The researchers are currently characterizing those patterns in the context of stroke therapy.
Each application is geared to the context in which a user is likely to use it.
Mere words, taken out of their customary context, become shorthand for social anxieties.
The idea is to create programs that understand context, so that users can interact with the software more naturally.
The engine then translates each word within the context that it believes to be correct-often with mixed results.
Communication services should eventually tailor themselves to work within the context of the user's life, she says.
She says the information needs to be evaluated in context.
Our society especially celebrates invention, but this stage exists only in the context of those before and after.
At the same time, fundamental problems that are still not solved well are not going to go away in the real-time context.
Hardly a day goes by when matrimony, in one context or another, isn't kicked around in headlines.
But maybe in a larger context he didn't understand the goal of the mission.
He embraced rock, saying he wanted to write in a modern context.
But within the context of the museum, they are quite overpowering.
If a date was dull or lukewarm, the editors would juice the footage by running scenes out of order or out of context.
Great in this context does not necessarily mean good or wise.
In that unlikely context, he primitively pioneered something akin to the now ubiquitous shock-jock style.
Even a sad story does not seem quite so doleful in this context.
We are inaugurating a regular history section, which will put today's news in the context of relevant historical events.

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