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Otherwise, he said, the contested delegates should not vote.
Students can see firsthand that the discipline is relevant, hotly contested, and far from intellectually monolithic.
Courses, too, should introduce students to the complexity of scholarship but also to the contested landscape of fact and faith.
Proof about the noose's origin is as elusive and contested as the plagiarism case itself.
Direct-to-consumer genetic testing, to which this project is tied, was begun on hotly contested terrain.
Topics include how reformers figured in contested rites of church dedication.
The antiquity of his art is certainly not be contested by any other.
It's basically a contested area that has no boundaries, no markers, no fence.
Neither appear to have been debunked, but rather hotly contested by those who feel that they do not belong.
The conversation runs from the latest on number theory to the fairest way to decide a closely contested election.
However, while the collective violence may have waned, the political meaning of the events remained hotly contested.
The disaster's impact on wildlife in the zone remains hotly contested.
The resulting struggles over the contested copepod were generally quite violent, with much twisting and rolling.
In some ways, the rule and its accompanying theory of kin selection is contested.
The answer, appropriately enough for these triple-digit days, is hazy and hotly contested.
The system recognizes plays made with positive outcomes, as well as during tightly contested games.
Election results have been almost always contested, leading to a rash of coups and mutinies.
But the result was a bitterly contested stand-off that lasted for eight months.
The property market is still buoyant and, at the top end, still hotly contested by the global rich.
The fuse is lit when the contested activity is at last allowed to proceed, despite the outstanding claim.
Statistical problems always guarantee that the income gap, in any country, is contested ground.
The enlarged areas that resulted are contested by slates of candidates.
The number of seats being contested in the by-elections will not pose a threat to the government's dominance of parliament.
When political power is not publicly contested at all, electability is irrelevant and expertise can give the ambitious an edge.
With the army set to ban foreign election monitors, the risk of a flawed or contested outcome has grown.
Weeks after election day, it is still being contested.
The count will doubtless be contested by his opponent, who had himself claimed victory on election night.
Among evolutionary biologists, this idea is contested.
How much economic damage the communists really did is contested.
Much of the work that is being done in this area is hotly contested.
In the world of aid agencies, this notion has been hotly contested.
Only a third of seats are to be contested this year.
But it is surely going to be a closely and bitterly contested one.
And the reasons for that, while complex, lie in the bitterly contested politics of technological innovation.
There is a real risk that necessary research is being held back as scientists fear working in such a contested field.
Real elections are almost never that closely contested.
He contested the case on the grounds that what he was doing did not in fact harm public property or anything or anyone else.
The real solution is to make sure these elections are seriously contested.
Many parts of the valley that were contested a year ago are quiet today.
The result was a decades-long string of remarkable, though in some cases still hotly contested, discoveries.
Vagueness on certain points would then become an enemy to be contested with some vigor.
But the rift goes well beyond the contested voyagers on the dignity train.
The statute does not draw a distinction between a contested and non-contested primary.
Time limit for response to appeal by another contesting party in a simultaneously contested claim.
When paternity is contested, genetic information is needed from all parties to make a determination.

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