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The cause of the four-limbed locomotion, however, is a bone of contention among the researchers.
The digital music doubters could be right with the contention that advertising revenue can't cover the costs of licensing music.
But how anthropoid primates originated has been a subject of frequent contention.
So the contention that you need today's electronic technology to teach or learn is vacuous on the face of it.
To the best of my knowledge, there is absolutely no evidence for this contention.
It goes to prove my contention that art should never be anything else.
It is not often that an intellectual contention is turned into a work of beauty in itself.
Yet it was merely a point of contention, not a big fight.
Yet recently, it has become a source of contention for several communities across the country.
Those two principles, distinction and proportionality, have been the main points of contention in the drone program.
Deductively, a bipolar system is more peaceful for the simple reason that under it only two major powers are in contention.
Yet her contention, backed up by research, that motherhood is a burden seldom embraced unconditionally has profound implications.
In my imagination, simple skeletons rose with a clamorous rattle to take on new lives as bones of contention.
The problem is that is isn't much fun to be engaged in an activity where the slightest misstep takes you out of contention.
White aldermen managed to get by without that becoming much of a point of contention.
But the biggest source of contention is over what caused the wheels to fall off.
Now it appears that the real bone of contention is the aim of proposed cuts in tariffs on manufactured goods.
How much, and how long for, are now the main bones of contention.
Even school breakfasts are back as a cause of contention.
One bone of contention is social networks' reluctance to draw attention to their privacy statements.
Another point of contention is over inflation and interest rate.
My contention is, that by going around the regulators, the ratings agencies were moving more towards a free market.
The first contention, that college athletic programmes exploit student athletes, is not entirely fair or true.
In essence, it is my contention the whole system is self serving.
But if the showdown is similar, the source of contention has shifted significantly.
What is pertinent here is the author's contention that economists, all along, have been writing theology.
But whether his behavior was outrageous is beyond contention.
He took himself out of contention when he bogeyed the next hole and finished tied for fifth.
The scoreless tie eliminated both sides from contention.
That's not to say that the mandate hasn't been a point of contention.
One element of confusion, if not contention, is the tax bill due on dramatically discounted homes bought at foreclosure auctions.
The major point of contention surrounds whether to make the vaccine mandatory.
Each contention is briefly explained, followed by a discussion of the legal authority that rejects the contention.
Contention interrogatories can be characterized as: any question that asks another party to indicate what it contends.
In other cases, selection is by contention scheduling alone.

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