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Example sentences for contented

He led her to his kingdom where he was joyfully received, and they lived for a long time afterwards, happy and contented.
Does one need to be a millionaire or a billionaire to feel rich, happy and contented.
Satisfaction-being contented and happy with various aspects of and with the marriage overall.
They also tend to be more financially secure and are more likely to report that they are happy and contented with life.
Eating it led to sighs and raised eyebrows, contented silence.
Political apathy is not always a bad sign: it can indicate a contented electorate.
Americans have their faults but one of them is not contented cow syndrome.
Endless hours of contented nibbling and pecking lie ahead.
If you settle down in a small town, you can join a club and enjoy a life of contented tennis polygamy.
Stroll around the place-past luxury yachts and manicured gardens-and the impression is one of contented prosperity.
For several years the company hummed along in a contented and profitable manner.
Contented estate agents report that property prices are still rising.
But then a lot of people become contented with that, rather than pushing themselves to making something that sounds great.
Below the caption he shows a contented figure in a bare room, stuffing handfuls of fuzz into his line-straight mouth.
But the people who run the business seem far from contented.
She would hum and sing and even burble in a contented way.
He considers his contented workers the reason for his success.
It happens that the animals which have such fat are the product of extensive, slow-grown rearing-and so have led a contented life.
Pain is subjective and matters desperately, as does the enjoyment of a contented life.
He could not enjoy fame, not convert fleeting riches into a contented social integration.
Our cold, materialistic society has made pathological anything but mindless, pseudo-contented adherence to the status quo.
We are easily contented by the shallow rhetoric of hot-button issues.
Canadians are unusually contented, thanks to a booming economy and pre-election tax cuts.
Perhaps all are contented in the unforgiving natural world.
Remain contented with your own talents and place in the world.
They are contented with slower steamers, as long as they know the swifter boats lose money.
Even that would fade in the end into a contented inactivity.
And the king also said a word, the which greatly contented them.
Done properly, it mimics a group of contented ducks on the water.
Farmers are contented and prosperous people who face the future with confidence.
The contented feelings and emotions that come from doing something to better the world.

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