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When the whole muscle is in action it gives to the countenance an expression of contempt and disdain.
But it has spawned a monstrous, predatory state bureaucracy and also shows a sweeping contempt for the rule of law.
The thief who steals your newspaper is admittedly a scuzzball, but mostly elicits annoyance and contempt.
Building a consensus for contempt gives them the courage to go home and fill that role.
Smart people often exercise contempt before investigation.
If she does not decrypt the drive by month's end, as ordered, she could be held in contempt and jailed until she complies.
If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law.
They didn't argue back-they recoiled with pique and contempt.
The college and department described above are beneath contempt.
The haves simply looked at the have nots as poor creatures barely worthy of their contempt.
We can show our contempt and contain the danger by locking him up for the rest of his life.
Scientists have treated them with indifference, even contempt, viewing them as essentially hitchhikers on life's road.
And shamelessly flaunting its contempt for conventional wisdom in the public press.
While they continue with their irrational belief in gibberish and nonsense, they fully deserve our ridicule and contempt.
His own vocabulary of contempt has grown only more poisonously flowery.
But gumption turned into contempt, and it would have been interesting to see the stages.
Worse, it shows contempt for political and diplomatic processes.
But none of them responded to it with cruelty or contempt.
There is a great difference between a due regard to valor and a contempt of life.
It turns chiefly on the contempt of the world, and on the exercises of prayer.
Nor, however, is it sufficient to heap contempt on the rioters as if they are a pariah caste.
Most attorneys use the bond to get out of the contempt charge as leverage top make some payment on a debt.
It reflects obvious contempt for the political-speech rights of people and groups the candidates aim to govern.
The contempt that boiled inside me during the war bubbles up.
But our contempt is often better directed elsewhere.
Scoffs and scorns, which are predicated on a sense of difference, may be evidence of nothing more than a certain amused contempt.
Impatience with red tape and open contempt for inefficiency led to a row that caused him to resign.
And yet that small fiend only sat there leering at me with joy and contempt, and placidly chuckling.
For he never cared about the movies themselves, was blind to the coin in which he dealt, and publicized his contempt for it.
Settling contempt-of-court actions and defamation suits from leading politicians is costly.
Her story has unleashed an outpouring of public contempt for the sleaze that surrounds so many civil servants.
They are unlikely to offer aid to a regime with such a record of brutality and contempt for its people.
We've witnessed a flareup of distributed anarchy implying an imprecise, but not unfounded contempt for the existing order.
Her behaviour during the proceedings of this case would have landed her in jail for contempt of court in any western judiciary.
These can compel witness, hold people in contempt of court, and generally throw their weight around.
There is now open contempt for authority and of the police by many immigrants.
But their current disarray amounts to treating financial markets with contempt.
It is the practiced and familiar ritual greeting of mutual incomprehension and ancient contempt.
Yet attempts to make him absurd by caricature and contempt are always, somehow, failures.
To one of the sons' confidants, however, such contempt cuts the other way.
If he refuses, he can be found in contempt of court but not jailed.
But he stands for nothing, believes in nothing, and has contempt for anyone that walks and talks.
In an instant, their expressions change from shock to disgust to utter contempt.
He never expressed genuine displeasure, contempt or bitterness toward any guest or any bit.
There was the isolation of the set, and the arrogance, the contempt for outsiders.
It is also a land where cynicism about politics and contempt for politicians abound.
Servants of power, sometimes lackeys: it is a position that breeds contempt on the one hand, resentment on the other.
But it also earned him contempt from his fellow scientists.
The majority responds to the minority with open contempt.
They merely had contempt for him, which he thoroughly earned.
Throughout the ages, leprosy has been looked upon with contempt and horror.
Some organizers encouraged protesters to show their contempt for both parties by entering blank ballots at the voting booths.
Yet this film's familiarity ends by breeding affection rather than contempt.
Plaintiff must indicate whether complaint is for civil or criminal contempt.
Filing contempt of court actions, which may result in a jail sentence if the non-custodial parent is found in contempt of court.

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