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We are not alone in our ability to invent or plan or to contemplate ourselves-or even to plot and lie.
Our busy schedule does not allow much time to contemplate the pleasant surroundings.
They can get back into places fast and don't have the luxury of time that a skier does to contemplate where they're going.
NO one can contemplate current conditions without finding much that is satisfying and still more that is encouraging.
Through these, as through a proscenium, the curious spectator may contemplate his profile as well as the blinds will permit.
Contemplate only their life, and imitate their actions.
If you were to contemplate society in but one point of view, all these simple modes of polity are infinitely captivating.
It is against this backdrop that it is exceedingly difficult, if not exasperating, to contemplate the week that was.
They haven't the serenity to contemplate what doesn't seem useful-unless it's presented as irresistibly exciting.
Without the miseries of debt, they contemplate limitless possibilities.
He is not known for his ability to think through important issues and contemplate the consequences.
The poem gives us much to contemplate in this month of election and at the start of the upcoming presidential election year.
Go to a zoo and contemplate the chimpanzees or nearly any other primate.
Some readers get angry and then calm down and contemplate the topic and then learn from it.
Most recently, the department has decided to contemplate changing how they present material and perhaps how they grade.
Children today contemplate machines they believe to be intelligent and conscious yet not alive.
After a few weeks in captivity, the prisoners were too weak from blood loss to even contemplate escape.
He was free to contemplate the acceleration of a raindrop as it leaves the clouds above him.
In an illuminated manuscript, the text is presented in unique visual style which the reader must attentively contemplate.
It's impractical to even contemplate downloading detailed map images to the car, to say nothing of on-demand video.
It's still awful to contemplate a shrinking humanities.
Most would not contemplate negative feedback systems, or would try to argue their effect down solely over an agenda.
All he can tell me is that driving on the left side of the road is making him contemplate his own mortality.
As they contemplate a revision of the ground zero memorial, officials promise fidelity to the vision of the architects.
The plans contemplate a substantial structure in the form of a wing to the present edifice.
It's been a lot of fun, and it's strange for me to contemplate the fact that this blog is shutting down.
Sometimes, even she is too busy to contemplate a chickpea.
If this proposal becomes law, we'll have a rather paradoxical situation to contemplate.
Residents were left to contemplate innumerable plausible rumors that could not be verified and yet would not fade away.
One of the luxuries of being a college student is that you have the time to contemplate the meaning of your life.
Too horrible to contemplate, and no accommodations whatsoever.
It may be grim to contemplate it, but these are times to look reality in the face.
The notion of beating away the helpless crew of another boat with one's oars was too awful to contemplate.
Interesting to contemplate that one on any number of levels.
Most likely they will ignore it, if not, they will likely contemplate using it.
It is a question that is unpleasant even to contemplate.
So investors in breweries are licking their lips as they contemplate a fresh round of takeovers.
No one wants to contemplate military intervention, and talks are the only alternative.
Given the fragility of the economic recovery, this is an incredible risk to contemplate.
When they contemplate their portfolios in a few years' time, such investors may regret their decisions.
And it makes governments more reluctant to contemplate big changes when they are needed.
There are few places left where you can sling a hammock under a tree and contemplate the exotic in splendid isolation.
Here you can contemplate the ocean while soaking in waters laced with essential oils and chocolate.
Except for a smoother road up and a bench from which to contemplate the vista, nothing appeared to have changed.
They consistently say that they are simply encouraging people to ask big questions and contemplate deep issues.
One needn't be clothed to contemplate all known elements in the universe.
But the implications of not making the adjustment aren't easy to contemplate, either.
We're not sure yet what all of those impacts are, but they are fun to contemplate.
It need never actually be done, it is enough merely to contemplate it.
In that sense, it is fair to contemplate the results of those actions.
By definition, in order to hold those beliefs, they are not even allowed to contemplate that those beliefs may be wrong.
Contemplate your next move, and confer with your team.
Clean something while you contemplate your next move.
Slow down to contemplate from a different perspective.
Nothing is more difficult for the reasonable, settled, status quo state than to contemplate fanaticism.
It's difficult enough for people to contemplate what they're going to watch on television tonight.
Contemplate its precarious position as you walk beneath it.
At no time does the proposed program contemplate such irregular payments.
The prudent investor rule imposes a standard of conduct, but does not contemplate a specific outcome or performance.
Inflation guard or similar contractual coverages that have been pre-sold and contemplate periodic stated increases in benefits.
The contract must contemplate that the worker performs substantially all of the services personally.
From this basis students can compare and contrast antiquity and the present and thoughtfully contemplate the future.

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