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The table contains a spring-fed well, used to cool wine during outdoor banquets.
But to hold an egg that actually contains nascent life is quite another matter, a tremendous responsibility.
But every candidate's file contains a number of textual clues.
The bulk of the page contains your notes, which you click on to expand.
It is a view that contains specific lessons about what works and what does not.
It contains no criticism of the university, not even constructive criticism.
In my heart there is a chamber larger than a stadium that scarcely contains my overflow admiration and affection for jazz singers.
The tape contains full-length coverage, with cuts made only during phases of inactivity.
Coffee contains antioxidants that help control the cell damage that can contribute to the development of the disease.
The gallery contains a large collection of paintings, printed art, photography and sculptures.
It contains the blueprints and the toolbox for understanding how humans work.
Each episode contains a question and an answer, finally.
If the leaf contains carotene, birch trees for example, the fading leaf changes from green to yellow.
The town center contains an open hall with eight silos, partially used to collect grain taxes from farmers.
There is a yawning gap of sky nearly a billion light-years across that contains no matter, a new study suggests.
The catalytic converter on your exhaust system contains cerium and lanthanum.
Shea butter contains several derivatives of cinnamic acid, a compound common to cinnamon and balsam trees.
The site contains nine cities built on top of each other.
The plastic material uses nanotechnology and contains the first solar cells able to harness the sun's invisible, infrared rays.
The reason: a human body contains too much information to scan and build as replicas.
The iron isn't pure-scientists believe it contains sulfur and nickel, plus smaller amounts of other elements.
Each varna in turn contains hundreds of hereditary castes and subcastes with their own pecking orders.
Each of these images contains one or more creatures exhibiting some form of mimicry behavior.
Ask students to pretend they are on a fossil dig in an area that contains numerous dinosaur fossils.
The ink even contains a substance that dulls a predator's sense of smell, making the fleeing octopus harder to track.
It is a honeycomb of bone that actually contains a lot of air.
It contains seven drainage ditches and stone reinforcements along some stretches.
No sentence, or even paragraph, contains all the details of a scenario.
Because there's a good chance your paper money contains trace amounts of cocaine.
Carbohydrates and protein contain four calories per gram, but fat contains more than twice that, with nine calories per gram.
White matter contains the protein myelin, which coats neurons' spindly axons as they reach toward other areas of the brain.
One footprint contains a lot of information for hunters.
To my surprise, novel genetic mutations contains natural selection are at a far slow pace.
The hair itself is dark and thick and contains chemical traces indicating mainly a seafood diet.
Crude oil contains only a small amount of boiling cuts suitable for lube oil.
The inner cup contains the liquid and can be removed for cleaning.
The scooter contains five gyroscopes linked to a set of computers to monitor a rider's center of gravity.
Human milk contains more natural sugar than cow milk.
The blood may be yours-but the information it contains is not.
But her site also contains photographs that are only available to dues-paying members.
These muscles compress the sac, and express the secretion it contains upon the vocal folds to lubricate their surfaces.
It probably contains fibers derived from the thalamus, the anterior commissure, and the subthalamic region.
The fact too that this flower is sacred to the infernal deities contains an allusion to the same thing.
It is especially abundant on the posterior wall of the abdomen, and particularly around the kidneys, where it contains much fat.
The deep part of each contains a large nucleus, while its more superficial part is granular and pigmented.
It probably contains many other efferent fibers than those enumerated above.
It contains the inferior alveolar vessels and nerve, from which branches are distributed to the teeth.
The quote may be spurious, but it contains a grain of truth.
It contains a coin-shaped sensor encapsulating two thermometers, a movement detector and a battery.
The world now contains unimaginably vast amounts of digital information, which is growing exponentially.
As the permafrost thaws, bacteria start chewing up the organic matter it contains.
As such it contains little new material, and its chapters are a bit of a mishmash.
But each grim fact also contains a germ of optimism.
Much of this book contains previously unheard and highly indiscreet quotations.
But, as many critics have noted, the film also contains a smattering of more specific cinematic references.
The coating also contains tannic acid, a molecule found in tea.
In fact the complete correspondence contains little to surprise the historian.
It is by the number and charm of the individualities which it contains that the literature of any country gains distinction.
In fact, the history of our country contains no such tale of devastation as that which they wrought.
Though the history is long, it contains little drama: major shifts in capitalist power centers occur at an almost geological pace.
The ancients often said that writing contains the truth.
The catalogue contains similarly pat introductions to the other disciplines.
Our national heritage contains some of the brightest moments in human history, but also a number of moral failures.
The latest leak, however, contains no such attempts at harm minimization.
But the idyll contains dark secrets, as a potter whom the family takes in for a time discovers.
The segment contains several genes, one of which raises the risk of autism.
One of them contains a grand total of three drops of n-butyl mercaptan, and the other has none.
Because the yolk contains fat, it floats above the aqueous white, both in the shell and in a beaker.
The researchers also invented a related device to survey the stomach, which contains more liquid than the intestines.
Indeed, her file of magazine clippings contains several images in support of her claim.
He holds up a vial filled with a milky liquid that contains polystyrene spheres, each less than a micrometer across.
The polio vaccine contains living but weakened viruses.
Almost every newscast in the bay area contains some reference to this incident.
It contains artifacts from the day, including stopped watches and bits of clothing and hair.
However, my husband's family history contains three instances of first cousins marrying.
It contains additional supporting evidence of the volume's thesis-now widely accepted by the historical profession.
The armory contains only some familiar farmyard implements.
The information that it contains is totally unreliable and surprisingly accurate.
The penultimate section of the exhibition contains a galaxy of large pictures of hunting.
Each capsule contains millions of particles, each of which has either a positive or negative charge.
Much of the world's cropland contains aluminum that stunts crops.
The anode contains, in addition to nickel oxide, a small amount of the rare element scandium.
Much of the corn kernel contains cellulose that isn't converted into ethanol in conventional ethanol plants.
The part of the plug that extends into the bone also contains calcium phosphate, which is found in bone.
The runoff contains large amounts of feces that can cause dangerous algae blooms, for example.
The process can yield crude oil without the contaminating sulfur that much petroleum out of the ground contains.
The device itself contains a pair of microscopic channels--one for blood, the other for a saline-based solution.
The crossover contains the fuel-injection system, and combustion and exhaust are handled in the second cylinder.
The concrete floor of your hotel room contains fire between floors, allowing additional time for escape.
And in this design it contains a magnet that will be demagnetized if it gets hot.
And it contains more energy than ethanol does, which will improve mileage per gallon.
Providing affordable treatment and services limits trips to the emergency room and contains health care costs.
It contains a battery that must be replaced in about seven years.
The best journalism contains some art and the best art contains some journalism.
It too contains antioxidants, although they are less well studied than tea polyphenols.

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