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Soviet engineers scrambled to come up with a containment solution.
Explosions have been recorded at two of the reactors, but do not seem to have breached the crucial inner containment vessels.
It was to be the containment structure for a twin to the reactor there today.
Make sure you have the correct containment and diet.
Wood compost containment bins keep compost confined during the decomposition process.
Suddenly, the make of the containment vessel and the specific arrangements of the cooling systems leap to the foreground.
For that reason the government instead built its plans around a containment strategy.
Moreover, inspections were never the major component of containment-sanctions were.
The second seeks the continuation of our earlier policy of deterrence and containment.
Theoretically, this configuration would prevent fuel from overheating and breaching the reactor's containment vessel.
The concrete containment building had its roof blown off and the walls crumbled.
Sound promising but long term and containment must be studied thoroughly.
The professoriate's extramural commitments are no longer an exception, liable to policing and containment.
In truth, this was not an act of contrition but an act of containment.
Since tritium is highly radioactive, that makes containment a big problem as structures weaken and need to be replaced.
And since it operates at atmospheric pressure, the need for a costly containment dome is eliminated.
Yet the amount of high-containment space that's needed is subject to debate.
Here, the only containment is the cooling water they sit in and the zirconium alloy casings of the rods themselves.
The nuclear industry has measures in place, from protective containment barriers to backup generators, in case of an accident.
Three pipes, each about the size of a water main, emerge from the containment building wall.
The people in the know, eg me, are more interested in the capabilities of containment for the next outbreak.
Western plants require containment to prevent radioactive release in case of an accident.
Three containment buildings were destroyed by explosions.
Pressure inside the primary containment structure indicates that they have not ruptured.
Although tricky, the fusion, and subsequent containment of fusion energy will be a never ending supply.
The correspondence has nothing to do with containment.
Although tests have revealed an aircraft would disintegrate on colliding with the outer containment structure.
In both fission and fusion no containment no control is needed when properly working.
Oil containment barriers float around the grounded cruise ship.
Logging companies that own land nearby have been anxiously helping with the containment effort.
The astonishing spread of wheat rust makes quick containment impossible.
Hence the containment booms, the skimmer boats-and the volleys of dispersants.
If coverage is the new law's strong point, cost containment is its weakness.
The final barrier-robust containment-has substantially done its job.
The containment vessel protecting the core was said to be undamaged.
Similarly, drug firms are struggling to come to grips with cost containment and demanding purchasers.
With some oft-damned cost-containment measures, managed care brought these premiums under control.
In some cases, bracing is used to help with containment.
It's not politically palatable, but as companies are discovering, healthcare-cost containment is not a job that wins friends.
Our policy is one of engagement not containment, he insists.
Their flames are concealed deep underground, in coal seams and oxygen-rich fissures, which makes containment near impossible.
The containment process has focused on several fronts.
Now that the swine-flu virus seems well established in human beings, containment is no longer an option.
There's something rather touching about her self-containment.
Besides, if cost containment is your goal, you should be for more government involvement rather than less.
Overall, this method of cost containment was considered preferable to across the board rate cuts.

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