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Strain the broth into a bowl or a storage container.
Those bath toys and sneakers have come from container ships that lost their cargo.
The bees in one container were flavored with soy sauce and the bees in the other container had no flavoring.
If the tea container shattered, whoever caused the accident would be beheaded.
Boil, cool, and seal the water with the floating contacts in an airtight container until morning.
He also stacks his pop cans on the kitchen counter or microwave, five feet away from the mostly empty recycling container.
Container shipping, which carries many manufactured goods, is healthy.
It can be built into the bottom of a container ship in two weeks during regular dry-dock maintenance.
Getting an imported container out of customs takes weeks or months, unless the process is greased with money or influence.
And the widget adds to the container's cost, so brewers of stout would be delighted to find a way to get rid of it.
The container crane, a new invention, made it possible to load and unload containers without capsizing the ship.
Eventually the packages slide down a chute to be placed into a bag or an air-freight container.
The miracle is inconceivable without the ship-borne container.
One way to compute its value is to shine light through a gas-filled container.
In another test the animals were made to swim in a container from which they could not escape.
Because of overcapacity in container-shipping, the firm is on course for its first full-year loss.
The intermodal container has delivered a cornucopia of products to every corner of the globe.
Masts and their pivoting sails take up valuable container space on the deck.
Removing the battery and putting the bits in a fridge or other metal container disables any bug, but instantly arouses suspicion.
The firm now offers a four-missile launching package hidden inside a standard commercial shipping container.
Keep the container in a cool place during the test period.
Tools, keys and snacks can all be stowed either on an actual water bottle, or a water-bottle sized container.
On the deck of the barge, an operator sits inside a cramped, dimly lit control room made from a shipping container.
There it condensed back into liquid form, and the purified fluid dripped into a collection container.
Residents who want to find out what's being sprayed could turn to the product label on the container.
In half the trials, a helpful trainer stood behind and pointed to the container holding the treat.
Although the detector senses no radiation, the inspectors open the container anyway.
Another set of experiments showed the robot could learn to tell whether or not something was a container.
It takes place in a sealed container and it's practically odorless, making it suitable for small dwellings.
If you want to stock another river simply take the container in which eggs hatched and they will migrate back to their scent.
The clear plastic container could be thirty-six inches long, twelve inches wide, and twelve inches deep.
Put a container of water into a micro-wave oven and soon you have steam.
The weights can be made up of any material that is around but the sliding container of the material is made of steel.
For instance, toddlers learned how to pop open a container by watching the experimenter and then copying her.
Let us not attribute anything else to empty space which is infinite void of nothing three dimensional container of mega universe.
Dozens of wine and beer bottles beside a fully loaded recycling container await pickup.
Place a coffee filter or piece of cheesecloth around the mouth of the jar or original container.
As you dispose of the container from your frozen dinner, you notice a number on the bottom of the package.
Filter the oil through a fine mesh sieve into a container with a tight lid, such as the original oil container.
Rainwater can be wonderfully pure when it falls through unpolluted air directly into a clean, properly constructed container.
Break an egg into an egg separator and let the egg white slip through the separator and into the sink or a container.
Load your recycling containers into your vehicle to take them to your recycling center when your container is full.
Turn over each plastic container and look for the recycling code on the underside.
Bring a plastic container that can be filled with boiling water and carried with you.
Seabirds mistake raw plastic pellets spilled from container ships for fish eggs.
Cut four to six holes in the bottom of the container.
The treasures could be waiting in a white five-gallon pail or a small clear plastic container.
When purchasing a product, check the number on the bottom of the container to make sure your municipality can recycle it.
Decide on the bin or container you want to use or whether you want to have an open pile.
Container ships and tankers can damage habitat with their hulls and anchors.
The things they own-a cooking pot, a water container, an ax-can be wrapped in a blanket and carried over a shoulder.
Use a stand-alone barrel or container that catches water from the gutters, and reuse that water in landscaping.
Put the container filled with food into the solar cooker's box.
Scoop the paste into an empty container, such as an old deodorant stick.
The steel container housing the reactor, however, was reportedly not damaged.
Form a gardening group with your neighbors and create a collective container garden.
Put finished compost in a burlap bag and steep it in water in a large container, such as a plastic garbage can.
Find out which kitchen container works best for your household.
Pour the pulverized pepper into a gallon container and add enough water to make a gallon of concentrate.
Follow any special disposal instructions listed on the original container.
Once the container is complete, the bee fills it with nectar and pollen and lays a single egg inside.
Check each plastic container for a recycling code, a number surrounded by a triangle.
If you live in an area with daily, soaking rain, build a cover over your pile or keep your compost material in a closed container.
We suggest buying a weatherproof container to store them in.
Remove the cord and it makes a handsome tabletop container.
With their rainbow of colors and long bloom season, annuals are naturals for container gardens.
On top, place a container without a drain hole, and conceal it with more pebbles.
Transport the caponata in a small, sealed container in a picnic basket.
He's turned matching plant to container into an art form.
Many perennials will come back pretty reliably for several years in the same container.
Put a bead of silicone caulking around the inside of the outer container.
To transplant seedlings, fill each new container with moist planting mix.
Move the plants into the garden or a permanent container.
Arrange herbs in a container to a striking effect.
Tomato varieties that excel in all those categories also tend to be great varieties for container culture.
For instance, with drainage holes added, the concrete birdbath at left makes a splendid container.
Its colors and handsome erect shape make it an outstanding container plant for autumn.
Label each container with the plant's name and the date.
If the container has wheels, they have to be removed or disabled for air travel.
Place this container inside a medium-size cardboard box or chuck box.
Small animals may be permitted to ride in the cabin of the airplane, as long as their container fits under the seat.
Ensure each bottle or container is clearly marked to identify its contents.
One they keep in a red-topped container out of reach of the children.
They will build a container themselves, and keep the ice.
There wasn't a single shipping container or generator that had been positioned in the territories without a reason.
Ultimately, what we're talking about is the proper container for applications.
And safely packed: two kilos inside each seventeen-kilo radiation-proof container.
The chocolate will keep up to two weeks in a sealed container at room temperature.
Place the cookies in an airtight container, with parchment or waxed paper between each layer.
The container lids twist to give you both pour and sprinkle spouts, and when removed, the wide containers make measuring easy.
But bottom line is that a huge container facility will eventually be built around the entire site.
The body member supports a porous container into the body of water for luring fish thereby.
In your rush to pack clothes and make sure you have the right-sized toothpaste container, you forget your in-flight entertainment.
In order to put oxygen into the container of this footage you have to have something outside, from today.
In that work, researchers showed babies videos of yellow and blue shapes bouncing around a container.
Released from the container, this light forms an intense beam made up of photons of uniform frequency.
But the fullerene container has kept air out, protecting a lanthanum sample for more than six months.
The plutonium corroded nearly every container it was put in.
It is a fixed spacetime container that enables them to tell the particle story.
They are a channel, a medium, a container for all sorts of things including journalism.
Place container in the freezer until the fat is solidified.
Transfer ice cream to an airtight container and put in freezer to harden.
Transfer with a metal spatula to a plate or an airtight container.
Among the categories are green roofs, riverfront gardens, container gardens and native plant gardens.

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