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The starch in potatoes is contained in tiny packets called potato buds.
Below is a reservoir contained by a pool liner and a pump in a low hole filled with gravel.
It's a self-contained ecosystem surrounded by these ridges.
They contained everything that was needed to support life underground and were virtually impervious to enemy infiltration.
They couldn't tell you whether the skull had contained racist thoughts.
Beer's matching with food is extremely complex and many interactions are contained within the felicity of food and beer.
As for the information contained within the field guide itself, it varies from section to section.
Some contained a full complement of eggs ready for laying.
Much to her surprise, she discovered that her unsophisticated images contained seemingly identical fractal patterns.
The guts of mice taking the herbal medicine contained fewer dying cells and more dividing cells than those of control animals.
He proved normal in all regards, including his ability to quickly recognize words no matter how many letters they contained.
The self-contained system relies on methanol in the tiny tubes.
She had been doing her homework, she said, and each of the scraps contained one of the words she was supposed to learn.
When the resulting animals themselves laid eggs, they contained milligram amounts of the desired antibodies.
Of course there might be some radioactive material spread about but even then it would be contained.
The remark was greeted with groans even though it contained a lot of truth.
Finally, universities have remarkable collections, whether these are contained in libraries or museums or art galleries.
Among those challenges: requests that contained too little information.
The letter contained few, if any, concrete proposals.
The provision of public goods involves externalities that cannot be contained within a market transaction.
And, keeping food contained in the pantry helps too.
But the chapters contained in it strive for grounding in sound empirical studies, not in ideological premises.
Neither our students nor our colleagues should be confused by the email they receive or the instructions contained therein.
But the department's annual revisions to previous figures contained still worse news.
With the fiscal crisis in parts of the euro zone barely contained, such insouciance seemed odd.
Those same statistics, however, also contained more sobering news.
The threat appeared to be contained, if not removed.
Smaller, self-contained systems have also been developed for enthusiastic amateurs, even windsurfers.
After several weeks they tested the mice to see if the animals' blood contained antibodies to methamphetamine.
Indeed, the fact that the scale of the disaster has so far been contained should not deflect attention from the dangers ahead.
They also used information contained in national databases dating back hundreds of years.
Sure enough, it contained the body of their relative, exhumed and waiting for collection.
And the requests contained oblique references to a mysterious form from which the questions were drawn.
More than a dozen tested so far contained not human ashes but powdered cement or dirt.
And they were self-contained systems to which few people had access.
His kitchen contained a claw-foot bath, a stove and a table.
The survey also contained devastating news for those publishers hoping to co-ordinate attempts to charge.
His speech contained no policy surprises, but is worth noting for three reasons.
Those given to the other half contained only neutral words.
It is important to read the nutrition labels and be aware of the amount of different types of fat contained in food.
The thoracic aorta is contained in the posterior mediastinal cavity.
He published a list of twenty-seven medicines, by name, and told what they contained.
With its self-contained distilling mechanism and one-step process, it promises to make the process as reliable as making coffee.
Think of the rotary piston generator as a powerful self-contained electromechanical battery.
Let's you search for images according to the text contained in those images.
Here is some more detail on each of the bits of content contained in the daily broadsheet.
There was no rupture, meaning all the damage was contained within the facility.
There archaeologists discovered a red granite sarcophagus, which still contained human remains.
Loy and his colleagues found that the samples contained blood from four individuals.
The hydro-pneumo system uses a self-contained air-and-water turbine system as a motor.
The tomb contained a wooden coffin decorated with a copper lattice and a gilded mask, sitting on a raised platform.
Another of the larger pyramids contained some artifacts as well as bone fragments from a human skull.
Also found in the cave were bacteria that serve as the basic food source in the self-contained community.
He noticed that the bowl contained a wedge of preserved incense dotted with white flecks and a blue pigment.
Almost all of the submarine's activity is contained in the inner hull.
Ask students to formulate a hypothesis based on the demographic data contained on the country information sheet.
The virus contained genes for red pigment in cone cells-cells in the eye that respond to light and color.
Some models contained only red dwarf stars, while others used one red dwarf and one sunlike star, or even two sunlike stars.
It had previously been a congeries of self-contained regions, held together only politically.
There is no doubt that the newsletters contained utterly racist statements.
Those improvements including an umbrella that was also a telescope and an umbrella that contained a pen.
My book contained no down-from-the-mountain revelations.
It is difficult for drinkers to calculate the number of calories contained in a specific alcoholic beverage on their own.
It's been decades since mincemeat contained anything resembling meat.
But those were viewed as regional problems that were contained.
In theory, it would be easier to sell if it's a self-contained company.
Every diorama was slightly different, but contained thousands of individual artifacts.
Needless to say, this idiotic myth contained not even a grain of truth.
Basically a digital audiobook in a self-contained player.
Clipped onto a belt or carried in a knapsack, the entire generator is contained within a regular battery casing.
All the components are contained within a biocompatible plastic housing.
Initially, the filters contained nothing out of the ordinary.
In this test, the paper was dipped in an artificial urine solution that contained glucose and a protein extracted from cow blood.
The images would hold information about the kind of drug contained in a package and the legitimate owner.
If the axioms are true then the conclusion must be true as it is contained in the premises.
Each franchise entry needs to be self-contained enough to enable autonomous consumption.
The garbled story within contained a kernel of truth.
The temperature isn't so high that it's not easily contained by common materials.
The atmosphere has an average temperature, which is contained in the bulk of the gases.
In other words, this extra layer would be invisible, so anything contained within it would be invisible too.
The self-contained system does not communicate with any network.
The researchers also watched what happened when they varied the molds to create gel blocks that contained more or less gelatin.
There were two other stories that contained quantifiable errors.
The old-school firefighters left their ears exposed so they could feel the heat: the heat contained the critical information.
The only flaw was that every element of the argument contained untruths.
It was then that she got her first inkling that it contained enormous amounts of information about her family.
Staff members did not open them but could tell by the outside labels that they contained camping gear.
And it was all too apparent that the casket contained a real body.
Storage pockets in the rafts contained some survival provisions.
Her reasoning for what she did is right there, contained in the poem.
Some books contained fascinating graphs on potash and calcium.
Other schemes have been proposed to overcome accuracy deficiencies of the self-contained inertial navigation approach.
But the books that transmitted this daily, weekly, and annual cycle contained only words.
The suitcase contained over forty pounds of explosives, perhaps stable nitroglycerine, connected to a timer.
Its glamour also came from the mysteries it contained.
In any case, the deeper and more substantial issues cannot be so easily quantified or contained.
These contained equipment and materials for serious amateur chemists.
When the pike was caught and opened, it contained a partridge.
The different boxes in the room contained different proportions of the two types of toys.
The good news is that this spill looks as though it will be largely contained.
Their saliva even backed up their claims, for it contained less testosterone.
Their blood also contained around three times as much corticosterone, a hormone produced in stressful situations.
Richly appointed wooden chambers contained well-preserved mummies, their skin covered in elaborate, twisting animal tattoos.
One reason it seems so strange is that our minds feel as if they are really totally self-contained.
Precisely speaking, they showed that you could teleport all the information contained within a particle.
The cave also contained the scattered bone fragments of up to six other adults, along with stone tools and animal remains.
Therefore, investigators have been unable to do proper testing for all the chemicals contained in the mixture.
Moreover, they contained plenty of silicon, which is extremely rare in human cells.
Had the universe contained much more matter, additional gravity would have made it implode.
Into the syringes they slowly dripped a urea-based nutrient broth that also contained calcium chloride.
Rotating parts are either self-contained or so slow moving that marine animals should be able to avoid them.
The belief that there is one and only one correct message contained in an sacred text is called fundamentalism.
Her guts contained a large number of blackberry seeds, blackberry season being in the late summer and early fall.
They found it contained uncommonly high levels of boron.
Pickerel that have been found in the stomachs of pickerel have in turn contained pickerel in their stomachs.
He radiated an aura of lonesomeness and melancholy, but he also seemed to be entirely self-contained.
Telomeres are contained in chromosomes and are timing devices which decrease as the skin is repaired.
But the evidence now suggests that it can be contained.
Stark says the building contained the equivalent of seventeen tractor trailers of coins alone.
Or maybe it contained in its heart an imbalance or an infection, as happens to some of us.
By definition, a self-contained, closed product is a device unto itself.

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