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Not about it being a piece of fiction, but about being inappropriate for public consumption.
Large-scale military spending draws off resources needed for investment and civilian consumption.
Excessive alcohol consumption by college students has deep implications later in life.
For years, connoisseurs of red wine believed their consumption improved their cardiovascular health.
Excessive alcohol consumption is a problem with some college students, but content of advertising does not cause the behavior.
In short, for many, higher education is as much a consumption good as an investment one.
The magnitude of consumption is remarkable when one considers the entire population.
Oxygen consumption decreases the pressure on the walls of the alveoli.
Long-term consumption of the chemical substantially lowered the rats' blood pressure.
Discusses the history of coffee cultivation, marketing, and consumption.
Yet our patterns of meat consumption have become increasingly dangerous for both individuals and the planet.
Heart disease, alcohol consumption, and tuberculosis are epidemic.
Under his rule, the consumption of coffee was a capital offense.
Consumption should thus be more stable than income over short periods.
There are many different ways to implement a consumption tax, but for simplicity think about a national sales tax.
Previous research reported that the risk of suicide decreases with increasing coffee consumption.
The world is aglow with dire headlines about energy consumption and its ill effects.
In the past decade, bans and taxes designed to reduce or eliminate bag consumption have swept the world.
Sometimes the standard of living is decreased to minimize excessive consumption of a limited resource, such as water.
Another barrier, they note, is the enormous growth of population and consumption.
There was no evidence that the summer increases were related to depressive disorders or increased alcohol consumption.
All this material is stored in cheek pouches and, at the surface, mashed for consumption.
Explore the link between fisheries and protein consumption in the developing world.
Though not technically an appliance, lights account for a significant portion of energy consumption.
The company is employing a much cheaper weapon in the fight to cut energy consumption: human psychology.
Their cheeks have built-in pouches that are used to store snacks for later consumption.
By increasing income, cities increase consumption and pollution too.
It's a call to action for all of us to decrease on our plastic-bottled-water consumption.
The creative writing he continued to do was, therefore, not necessarily for public consumption.
The public must alter their energy consumption habits to live a more sustainable life.
The graph might be more valuable if it showed oil consumption per unit of economic activity.
Most of the nasty molecules produced by routine energy consumption in the body are oxidants.
All these diseases are based upon prions and the transmission mechanism is consumption of an infected brain.
Less need for energy consumption to warm cold places.
That's about three times the total global human energy consumption.
Consumption taxes are another important source of revenue.
The problem is more that the mix of domestic demand between consumption and investment is unbalanced, and becoming even more so.
As patterns of news consumption shift, much experimentation is under way.
But the slowdown will be less pronounced if the government succeeds in boosting consumption as a new growth engine.
Consumption grew faster because households borrowed more and saved less.
At the same time, consumption was artificially kept up despite stagnant wages.
Or the government could promote consumption by keeping fiscal policy relatively loose.
Rice- and wheat-price increases have been modest, except for high-quality imports, a small share of domestic consumption.
It will make bigger commitments to boost the share of renewable sources in its energy consumption.
Since then both production and consumption have exploded to satisfy the demands of the expanding economy.
Baseball teams limit consumption of energy drinks by players.
To cut down on energy consumption and bills, a good starting point is to find out how much power your devices are using.
One way to cut fuel consumption is to eliminate the weight and power drain of accessories.
Their coffee consumption was noted only at the beginning of the study, which the researchers admitted was a limitation.
It is a manner usually devised for the efficient consumption and processing of artworks.
The resulting growth in paper wealth triggered a consumption boom.
With slow and continual increases of fuel cost, energy consumption will decline.
Conspicuous consumption and glitter are viewed as vulgar throwbacks to an earlier era.
Unpopular in the beer tents, this phenomenon occurs more and more frequently with the increased consumption of beer.
Today, demand for food fueled by rises in worldwide consumption of meat and protein is again outpacing farmers ability to keep up.
The biggest goal was, of course, reducing fuel consumption without sacrificing power.
Conspicuous consumption, this research suggests, is not an unambiguous signal of personal affluence.
The fact is that living in an expensive city is a consumption choice.
Indeed, the true purpose of such plans is usually not to promote saving but to prevent consumption.
The worrisome news is that as the world economy grows, so does global meat consumption.
The country accounted for about one-third of the increase in world oil consumption this year, more than any other single nation.
Minimize your consumption of processed and fast food.
There simply isn't consensus about whether organic arsenic is safe enough for unregulated consumption.
The consumption boom has been fueled by fast-growing credit.
Both have major effects on your body if consumption gets out of whack.
Per capita energy consumption across all sectors of the economy.

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