consummation in a sentence

Example sentences for consummation

In their wanderlust, travelers are lovers looking for consummation.
Also, traditionally, no children need to actually result from consummation.
With this consummation the rebellion falls and peace will be proclaimed.
Next to that consummation, a cake on a rake is a pretty feeble entertainment.
To meet and overthrow that dynasty is the work before all those who would prevent that consummation.
To meet and overthrow the power of that dynasty, is the work now before all those who would prevent that consummation.
The marriage of talent and subject, it turns out, can be a blessed one however painful its consummation.
Consummation may occur on or after the seventh business day after the delivery or mailing of these disclosures.
It is further conditioned upon full payment of any required unjust enrichment payments on or before the consummation date.

Famous quotes containing the word consummation

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