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It certainly makes it clear to the rest of us what the deniers are about when they all turn out to be such consummate liars.
The ideal candidate will be a consummate fund-raiser and friend-raiser.
Even when both partners seem willing, males are often unable to consummate the affair.
Hammerhead sharks are consummate predators that use their oddly shaped heads to improve their ability to find prey.
The large fish is a consummate hunter, eating everything from giant clams to sea urchins.
Consummate athletes, they were usually the first of our group to reach camp every day.
Consummate gamblers were quick to add their two cents.
His is the consummate high tech success story, the brilliant, driven engineer who beat the critics to make it big.
Consummate professionalism and safety are always paramount.
He is a consummate professional, always prepared yet ready to improvise.
He was a perfect gentleman: self-effacing, tolerant to a fault, and a consummate listener.
While the consummate professionals usually goes through a checklist of what-if situations.
And he is still able to manage his consummate, his characteristic, trick-which is to glamorize self-pity.
There may even be an endemic inability to look into the depth of his characters with more than a consummate journalist's eye.
They fill shelves in nearly every room and are organized by category with consummate care.
He was a consummate professional when the cameras were rolling.
Gathering information requires the anthropologist to fade into the woodwork, becoming the consummate observer.
He presents them, with consummate art, so that they shall not cause unnecessary pain.
If such deformity happen by any chance after the marriage in consummate and finished, well, there is no remedy but patience.
Kaye is a consummate team player who facilitates cooperation and collaboration with coworkers and community partners.
The staff members are consummate professionals and will attend to a customer's needs in a proficient and timely manner.
Successful bidders who fail to consummate their sale will forfeit their registration fee.
She is a consummate businesswoman with an undaunted dedication to our mission.
We had an incredible amount of exposure to consummate professionals.
In the other, he is a consummate politician with cronies who offer advice while raising campaign cash and asking for favors.
She is a consummate professional, with the integrity and humbleness to admit when she is wrong.

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