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They believe that buying without due consciousness of what is being bought amounts to a sort of neocolonial consumerism.
What strikes you first is the carrot: giddy financial growth fueling never ending construction and consumerism.
Sure there were cavernous showrooms, hordes of gadget-lusting revelers and rampant consumerism.
Consumerism is installed in communities living on subsistence and boredom abounds in affluent societies.
Corny notions of dollar-savings and/or materialist minimalism have never worked and are never going to work against consumerism.
In middle childhood as in middle age, consumerism confounds.
The mentality of consumerism has degraded our grading standards.
The consumerism culture there has simply got out of hand.
We bail out your credit addiction and consumerism why not bail out my drug addiction.
Part of the new economics built around individualism, not consumerism.
As far as consumerism goes, everyone consumes something.
The culture of consumerism itself rests on concrete economic changes.
It will open your eyes to the world of food production and consumerism and you might find it difficult to go all the way back.
Shed the dogma, make the adjustments, and keep it going: old age consumerism supports domestic demand.
In a world preoccupied with consumerism and petty self-interest, that gives life dignity.
We are a nation, they say, of follow-me consumerism.
They could be taken as a commentary on the standardization of all things under the aegis of industrialized consumerism.
Americans should be aware, that the days of cheap consumerism are gone.
It's only consumerism that would make you happy if somebody destroyed your old iPod.
Increased consumerism evidently comes at a steep price.
There's no reason you shouldn't squeeze a little self-serving consumerism into a free moment here and there.
Apple is a ray of light in these dark worlds of excess consumerism of useless technical goods.
They've been used to represent everything from rampant consumerism to the spread of communism.

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