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At the same time as the useful life of consumer goods becomes shorter, consumers hanker after goods that endure.
Even if consumers spend more, they spend it on consumer goods, which raise profits for consumer goods makers.
Cheap plastic has unleashed a flood of consumer goods.
The findings are relevant because many new consumer goods are quickly tossed aside.
Computers and cameras are examples of consumer goods getting lighter and smaller as they get better.
And this development has not been limited to retailer brands or the fast moving consumer goods markets.
As noted, buyers of capital and consumer goods are not buying, even though monetary policy is trying to make it easy.
Its impact was by no means confined to consumer goods.
Makers of consumer goods generally try to evaluate their new tech under real-world conditions.
Then come businesses selling everyday consumer goods.
And this part should also include more demand for energy-efficient consumer goods.
It is an eye-catching kaleidoscope when bumper crops and consumer goods are displayed at the annual county fair.
Gas and milk prices grab headlines, but other consumer goods are going up in price, too.
Apple sells consumer goods that capture the current digital fervor.
Mortgage-equity withdrawal has been running at a record rate, and much of the money was used to buy cars and other consumer goods.
At the same time, the depression is measured by gdp, which is skewed intentionally toward consumer goods.
Public money and private remittances have brought consumer goods.
Fast-moving consumer goods have little to fear, but products priced for status are likely to suffer.
They are ambitious and hungry for consumer goods, often of the expensive and one-off kind needed to establish a new household.
Markets are great at providing consumer goods and services.
Buses have not been seen for five years, and consumer goods are scarce.
The new regulations targeted the tariffs imposed on raw materials and basic consumer goods.

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