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They argue that new network services and consumer access to vital information could be stifled by added fees.
Even as consumer spending increases modestly, those dollars are buying fewer goods and services.
We must work faster to change consumer behavior and develop alternative sources of power.
We throw away good food because it is not in exceptable appearance to the consumer eyes.
Poverty rates are dropping, consumer demand is rising and infrastructure development is on a tear.
Many farmers, responding to consumer demand, are delving into the tomato's preindustrial past to find the flavors of yesteryear.
Second, because colleges act as if they have no influence over the consumer preferences of students.
It also would establish a new agency to oversee consumer lending.
Though for-profit colleges have welcomed the changes, some student and consumer groups say the rule has lost its teeth.
That's still an impressive return, compared with other forms of consumer debt and other federal loans.
If you're a typical consumer, your electronic mailbox has been sinking under a steady stream of offers from on-line merchants.
Portable consumer products such as music players, cameras and cell phones are becoming ever smaller.
Cheap plastic has unleashed a flood of consumer goods.
Consumer demand for chocolate-which is derived from cocoa powder made from the seeds of the cacao tree-is on the rise.
Consumer groups, newspapers and broadcasters have trumpeted the scares as though lives were at stake.
Consumer demand for fish is soaring as well-established fisheries are becoming exhausted.
Recycling also helps reuse and conserve valuable resources, reducing the need for fresh materials in creating consumer products.
The seal of approval seeks to provide consumer-driven economic incentives to boost sustainable fisheries.
Today plant scientists are also taking the consumer into account.
Unfortunately, current consumer behavior is trending in the wrong direction.
When you are the world's largest consumer of oil and import more than half of it, it's good to have a back-up plan.
In the kelp forest, sea urchins are the primary consumer of kelp.
Become a smart consumer and learn what natural and organic labels mean.
Literature differs from the other arts in the relation in which the producer stands to the consumer.
The economy depends heavily on exports, particularly in consumer electronics and information technology products.
Commonly speaking, boiled coffee is preferred, and is more economical for the consumer.
Consumer sentiment surveys all agreed that confidence was falling.
How smart phones and other consumer technology can aid, or even replicate, some military uses.
We have been trying to stretch our same old consumer base to make jobs for many millions more people.
Push turns this relationship between information provider and information consumer on its head.
The bolt-on water meter that could make it easier for residents to consumer water more efficiently.
Nostalgia is now thoroughly entwined with the consumer-entertainment complex.
But the light-speed innovations in consumer electronics have turned many of us into serial replacers.
The consumer society and the open society are not quite synonymous.
The consumer electronics business, once the playground of large companies, has seen scrappy entrepreneurs charge in.
The rise of consumer power can best be charted through three industries: packaged goods, consumer electronics and cars.
Tighter credit and lower consumer borrowing are not the only drivers of economic restructuring.
But living in your means is not mutually exclusive with being an entrepreneurial consumer.
Soaring commodity prices are pushing up consumer prices across the globe.
All these factors suggest that the growth in consumer spending is set to slow.
Advertising muscle and consumer demand should not triumph over good taste and cultural sophistication.
Calculating how much water is used to make consumer products is a complicated but crucial task.
The company's testing fee would be based on the information the consumer wants.
And ultimately, the company plans to break into the consumer market and reduce our reliance on cars.
Each new consumer-technology platform creates the need for new verbs.
White skin may then no longer be a privilege, but a consumer accoutrement.
Take a standard two-dimensional relationship--say, a graph relating interest to consumer spending.
Last month, consumer confidence plunged, and pundits are still talking about the possibility of a double-dip recession.
People between the ages of thirty-five and sixty-four account for nearly two-thirds of consumer spending.
The second wave came in the twenties, as electrification transformed manufacturing, and the modern consumer economy took hold.
It seems that every generation needs its public, tweedy, literary personality to sell its consumer electronics.
To the informed consumer, dessert becomes a judgment call between low fat and high sugar, or full fat and average sugar.
The power of the thoughtful, educated consumer can have a huge impact on the world's treatment of its animals.
The predictable result was a consumer spending spree.
Its critique of contemporary consumer culture and demagoguery is quite sophisticated.
But ads in the trade papers have been slashed, as have campaigns in the big consumer newspapers.
What's more, as consumer spending plunges, there isn't enough business to support the debt.
The new gloss of consumer-culture lifestyle luxe isn't wall-to-wall, however.
Eventually the consumer will come to appreciate the editorial point of view of every different brand.
Most luxury items have down-market consumer cousins.
And it wasn't a consumer phenomenon for a long time after that.
Yet it is estimated that about half such food spoils on the way to the consumer.
Price-to-volume ratio is outrageous, suggesting indifference to the consumer and ignorance of the market.
But even those that do have access to capital don't want to invest because consumer demand is not there.
Search for consumer protection and safety information.
Many of today's consumer electronics rely on microscopic machines.
Retailers and consumer-goods makers typically get data on a daily basis, from point-of-sale scanners.
Brakes-even new ones-are plagued with the problem of squeal, a major cause of consumer complaint and warranty repairs.
But predicting prices for consumer electronics is more complicated.
As a result, security holes were discovered only after the standard was built into millions of consumer devices.
Invasive technologies continue to emerge as companies' scour for consumer information.
Companies need more consumer demand for electric vehicles to grow rapidly.

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