consumables in a sentence

Example sentences for consumables

Cost of consumables is one area where lasers really shine.
The property is stocked with all amenities and consumables, down to dish and laundry detergent.
These inexpensive consumables have helped keep the lid on inflation.
Decreased expectations of wages and increased expectations for future consumables drives up the need for savings.
Whilst a tax increase on various consumables lets you decide what your money is spent on via your consumption choices.
Good rains are critical for ensuring moderation in prices of vegetable and other daily consumables.
Incomes are low relative to consumables, so prices for them will rise faster than wages.
The government's role should be in maintaining and overseeing production and distribution of consumables.
Kodak's products also include prepress equipment and consumables and imaging sensors.
Consumables are materials such as solder, welding rods and grinding wheels.
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