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The second involves translating faculty authority in relation to administration into more than mere consultation and input.
There is still some vagueness about precisely what information and consultation entail.
Last week, the administration reversed the consultation rule.
She also still offers garden design and consultation services.
Further consultation of the fossil record will be needed to test this idea.
Evaluated and provided consultation services for mentoring component of a state funded grant.
But they must often wait hours for a three-minute consultation.
We devised this schedule after extensive consultation with teachers.
The towering image is an auspicious sign for the half a dozen couples who eagerly wait their turn for a consultation.
They are also concerned about the lack of public consultation about the database.
The letter should be drafted by the marketing staff following consultation with faculty members.
These plans, which are now out for a two-month consultation period, are a useful step forward.
All the employees went home after consultation and treatment.
They wanted further changes and more consultation from the president before he sent them the bill.
The makeovers have been designed in consultation with residents.
The choosing takes three-to-four minutes, a long time given that an average consultation lasts about ten minutes.
The defence minister's remarks came in leaked driblets from the secret consultation.
So may the new law requiring prior consultation with indigenous communities over extractive projects on their land.
He promised full consultation over a new transport law, plus beefed-up vehicle inspections.
The government has launched a nationwide consultation on school hours.
It has expedited the timetable for a public consultation.
Upon the close of the consultation period this month, officials reported strong support for the change.
Students can develop their own electives in consultation with faculty.
Property companies are now impatiently awaiting the result of his wide consultation.
Consultation may provide answers to some of these questions.
There's also increasing anger over a lack of communication, consultation, and mitigation.
IT was at eleven o'clock the next morning that the aunts and uncles came to hold their consultation.
There was a consultation held in our printing-house among his friends, what he should do in this case.
Later he made difficult political decisions without consultation with or advice from outsiders.
The case may perhaps remain as an example of the advantage of consultation over confrontation.
How much easier and cleaner to make decisions in consultation with a higher authority.
If you go to a bankruptcy attorney make sure you won't pay for a consultation.
Or in another role, as a work-life coach, she might meet a client for a consultation.
It wasn't your typical consultation: there was no small talk about enhancing my cheekbones and brow line.
There was no consultation, nor even notification of the move.
Most important political decisions are made by the president, in consultation with ministers and advisers.
Its true that consultation with interest groups who would slow down development is relatively limited.

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