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Example sentences for consultant

It seems almost impossible to argue that you shouldn't take on outside work as a consultant.
Currently he is an independent researcher, writer and consultant.
Matt worked as an energy consultant helping homeowners and businesses develop solar power systems.
One powerful pension-fund consultant has spoken out against consolidation in the industry.
He has served as a consultant to many public and private organizations.
But she did say a part-time consultant had recently helped set up all her computer systems.
Some of those people may be willing to speak on your behalf to a search consultant or a hiring committee.
In fact, she says, she has done far more primary research as a consultant than she ever did as a graduate student.
If the committee is working with a search consultant, that relieves the burden on the leader to a certain extent.
Such a rule might not withstand legal scrutiny, however, says a legal consultant for colleges.
He called the project's leader, and the next day he was serving as a consultant.
Another good result for the former management consultant and governor.
No reputable crisis consultant would put his or her name to this article.
Any other type of consultant would be held accountable if their advice was wrong.
Now he was a consultant to other small family businesses.
He is also an inventor, author, and has been a consultant to countless government and military agencies.
The prosecution ignores its consultant and finds itself face-to-face with jurors who delight the defense.
Clients also might seek the help of a marketing consultant to set up business franchises or license their products.
View current projects advertised for consultant selection.
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