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We should thus have the solution of our problem, if the constants a and b were known.
In hyperspace co-dimensions the speed of light has a different value depending on the physics constants of the dimension.
But climate change is blowing such constants out of the water, experts say.
Humans first formed our tongues around language, surely, for the purpose of explaining these constants to our children.
Fairness in work and in school are the only constants.
One can tell a lot from a thinker's constants and variables.
Instead of optimum damping constants, it uses the heading noise factor and ignores the other constants.
It all boils down to two constants: the vast new opportunities created by technology, and the creative destruction of capitalism.
We've tried various systems over the years, but one of the near constants has been the label maker.
Keeping with the spirit of first contact, the puzzles so far have relied heavily on scientific constants to convey information.
In fact, steady levels of intimacy and affection were two of the few constants she tracked.
Roast pork has two constants: crunchy skin and moist, flavorful meat.
Details change from book to book, but a number of constants recur.
Your teacher probably told you these were constants of nature.
That's because the relationship between voltage, noise and temperature relies only on fundamental physics constants.
We cannot go faster in computing because of the fundamental limits defined by the constants.
Gamow always got the physics right, even if some of the constants were altered.
These points however, concern the features that occur once already given a universe with life-friendly constants.
Carr believes that the indirect evidence from finely-tuned coupling constants is actually stronger.
Most units of scientific measure are now defined not by physical objects but by universal constants.
It seems that he is imagining other universes and messing about with constants.
My theory starts from only seven parameters and leads to the constants applied in physics and to the other experimental data.
Theoretical physicists use natural units, in which such universal constants as c are dimensionless and equal to unity.
The germ theory of disease does not explain the fundamental physical constants, either.
Two other constants in daily dining are tamales and empanadas.
Contains values of the fundamental physical constants and a related bibliographic database.
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