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Such constancy deserves particular admiration in light of the pressures brought about by the restaurant's increased popularity.
Staying on the job for only three years leaves little room for constancy.
Taking advantage of spectral constancy allows the user to hear speech despite changes to pitch.
But the ducks, tokens of the fidelity and constancy that should grace married life, seemed an apt and pleasant souvenir.
The critical feature of a telephone pole or utility power is constancy.
It increases awareness of both constancy and change.
The weather is erratic, sometimes treacherous, but gradually the sun gathers strength and constancy.
These were colossal achievements in which constancy and imagination coalesced.
As anyone born to an immigrant family knows, names can lose constancy when they cross oceans.
More important than the temperature, though, is simply maintaining its constancy.
Their marriage was childless, but famed for its constancy.
The distinguished author has created a paean to friendship and its constancy, morning, noon and night.
If so, that would seem to require another reversal in known physical laws, that of the constancy of the effect of gravity.
The same constancy also applies to social networking sites.
Perhaps the main story is the constancy of the innovation drive.
It became obvious that more constancy and order were needed.
There's no dispute over the constancy of the speed of light when measured over a round trip.
Do not overlook the significance of an object turned symbol of constancy.
Constancy is a measure of how frequently a species occurs within a given cluster, expressed as a percentage.

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