conspiracy theory in a sentence

Example sentences for conspiracy theory

Most recently this conspiracy theory hijacked health-care reform.
Conspiracy theory and confirmation bias are the best you have to offer.
Real science quotes repeatable experiments, or it's not a far cry from conspiracy theory.
Here is a little bit of a conspiracy theory on algae as a bio-fuel.
Fascinating global conspiracy theory by those with no credentials in the field of futures trading.
Unless you can actually follow the money, all you're doing is spouting off conspiracy theory.
The first is an observation based on general business motive, the other is an unsupported conspiracy theory.
Any reports to the contrary are the stuff of conspiracy theory or urban legend.
It is not conspiracy theory to say, show me the birth certificate.
There must be a plot to bring back the conspiracy theory.
It's so weird to hear you actually supporting a conspiracy theory.
Reading behind the lines is not conspiracy theory, its intelligence.
But of course everyone loves a conspiracy theory as much as they do ranting mindlessly.
Especially liked the ending wrap up, which could be applied to pretty much any conspiracy theory.
The rest of your commentary amounts to add a new conspiracy theory on top of the old one to protect it.
Stop looking for a conspiracy theory where there is none.
All work stops in the factories, it is said, while the latest conspiracy theory is discussed.
Anybody who thinks he or she can dismiss me so easily by accusations of conspiracy theory, please feel free.
But don't let those pesky facts and reality get in the way of your conspiracy theory.
Hardly a page goes by without a conspiracy theory from this gang.
The euro was attacked by financial sharks, and this is not a conspiracy theory.
Even today, the conspiracy theory has a number of high-profile believers.
There's a grain of truth to any conspiracy theory and it turns out there are a lot of grains of truth to this one.
And they seem to have this brand of doomsday or conspiracy theory.
Plaintiff's complaint fails to provide any facts which tend to support his conspiracy theory.
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