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Example sentences for conspicuously

When everybody is hip, hardly anyone is conspicuously hip.
Others are waved about conspicuously in the hands of security officials.
They flash their white outer tail feathers and white wing patches conspicuously during courtship and territorial displays.
Globs of malformed protein are conspicuously present in many degenerative disorders of the brain and nervous system.
Leaves are conspicuously veined, with lobed and cut edges.
Designed as a media desktop but conspicuously lacking any dedicated media controls.
It is virtually impossible for this statement to be true and the purported study is conspicuously lacking a citation.
Mac desktop line is conspicuously overdue for a refresh.
Also conspicuously lacking is any clear plan for generating the economic growth needed to begin paying down those growing debts.
Engage people and let them feel really conspicuously good about going green and we'll get some results.
It was noticeable that among the former there were conspicuously carried a large number of red.
Development aid was supposed to promote growth, but has conspicuously failed to do so.
Yet some things are still conspicuously absent: bars and nightclubs.
He has been conspicuously quiet on one subject, though.
Attempts by the euro zone to solve its debt crisis have conspicuously failed.
Conspicuously absent from the witness list, however, are representatives of the contractors themselves.
Sovereign-wealth funds, meanwhile, have been conspicuously absent.
Doubtless the city's impoverished millions envy the conspicuously prosperous few.
The president-elect and vice president-elect have been conspicuously absent.
But despite the excitement, something is conspicuously absent.
But its biggest metropolises conspicuously failed to explode in size.
Yet the president has conspicuously failed to groom a successor.
Conspicuously absent are the settlers and the ultra-orthodox who for years have been coddled by successive right-wing governments.
Its website is conspicuously minimalist, and its niches seem manageably narrow.
Other times they appear to be wealthy pedestrians wearing expensive jewelry conspicuously around their necks.
And that, in itself, is the standard of a conspicuously substandard film.
Plus, human feet are conspicuously absent from beer making.
Then again, maybe it's not a problem that so much pop-music scholarship sounds conspicuously uncool.
Any telescope will show you a conspicuously flat fifth planet.
They found that some species, including baboons and our close relatives the chimpanzees, advertise ovulation conspicuously.
Spider monkeys, on the other hand, were conspicuously noisy.
Sheets is sitting at his desk, a gray metal relic with conspicuously fewer drawer handles than drawers.
It also has moved conspicuously in the past couple of days.
It goes without saying that there are several poems in this group which conspicuously succeed also as works of art.
In his later life the radical in him showed itself more conspicuously.
It is rarely a subject for serious study, and the students are conspicuously absent from worship.
But, conspicuously, only one major figure emerged without dignity.
It does not depend upon learning, for professional scholars conspicuously lack it.
Yet evidence to sustain such dire warnings is conspicuously absent.
Most conspicuously, the company is experimenting with different materials and finishes.
Dedicated shuttles are conspicuously liveried with the hotels' logos and images.
These actresses are conspicuously more appealing than their roles.
But protestors were almost conspicuously polite towards each other.
On pensions and the labour market, which require fundamental reforms, he was conspicuously silent.
Signs shall be posted conspicuously at each building entrance.
But whatever the limitation, it must be conspicuously disclosed.
Appropriate signs warning of the use of proper eye protection shall be conspicuously posted at all entrances to such areas.
Notice of the availability of limited food service must be conspicuously posted or listed on the menu.
Such certificate is required to be conspicuously displayed at the taxpayer's principal place of business.
In addition, an auction house operator's license must be displayed conspicuously and at all times in the auction house.
The dealership's normal business hours are conspicuously posted and readily viewable by the public.

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