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Our unknown travelers may have chosen the burial spot because it was obscure-or because it was conspicuous.
Small flowers with conspicuous reddish stamens open in late winter, before new leaves emerge.
There are vast slums of dirt roads and shanties and a conspicuous homeless population in the heart of downtown.
They argued correctly that conspicuous coloring was also designed to warn off a predator or attract a perspective mate.
While this laudatory initiative has great potential, some might worry about its conspicuous absences.
Shepherd laments the many contributors to poor modern diets-fast-food companies conspicuous among them.
There is one conspicuous absence from this list of moral teachers on campus: athletic coaches.
Bank ads spurn conspicuous consumption and trumpet the more lasting treasures of a well-balanced life.
When government is subverted and removed and made into for-profit, it is a conspicuous scenario.
Distinct yellow edging to flight feathers and tail, conspicuous in flight and on folded wing.
Now's the time to go for mellow beach-break waves and a conspicuous lack of crowds.
During migration, the western often feeds on fruit and is more conspicuous.
The wing and tail pattern are conspicuous in flight.
Their adornments seem shockingly conspicuous, but they blend well when hiding amid the exotic reef colors.
Don't be paranoid, but as a tourist you're conspicuous enough.
There's a conspicuous absence of trees, and views unfold in every direction.
Even during hot summers, above-knee shorts are conspicuous.
Red-eyed tree frogs, despite their conspicuous coloration, are not venomous.
Accordingly, the human brain contains no highly conspicuous characteristics that might account for the species cleverness.
Birds and insects have suffered, but some mamma populations have thrived, probably because of the conspicuous lack of people.
Against many splendid successes applied science has to offset one conspicuous failure.
Worse yet, there's a conspicuous lack of features on this device found in similar handsets.
And while earlier versions of the aircraft were covered in odd-looking antennas, the latest aircraft are far less conspicuous.
The phone also has a camcorder but video is often choppy and there's a conspicuous lack of editing tools.
These obsessives are hardwired for conspicuous consumption, often with the emphasis on conspicuous.
Her definition of success may vary from the conventional one of conspicuous money and power.
More recently it has become conspicuous on the top line.
Without wishing to sound churlish, the lack of other voices is getting rather conspicuous.
Conspicuous consumption and bragging to journalists about takeover deals are not his style.
It appears, for instance, to be a by-product of conspicuous consumption.
Everybody fears free-riders, either countries or conspicuous consumers.
Even if he did not, his conspicuous intellectualism and uncompromising worldview might count against him.
But conspicuous consumption is still to be indulged in cautiously.
Cheap oil, natural gas and power will continue to spur emissions-intensive industry and conspicuous consumption.
They are a conspicuous sign of misery but they serve a purpose.
They did discover a conspicuous increase in compliance with the tax authorities, however.
They have been conspicuous by their presence throughout a season with one loss.
The sense of humor has other things to do than to make itself conspicuous in the act of laughter.
In a related quality-a defect-his leadership is even more conspicuous.
She is chiefly known as a novelist and writer of short stories in which field she has had conspicuous success.
And, indeed, the absence of that contemned property is conspicuous everywhere in these unfortunate transactions.
One thing about them was conspicuous: their scrupulous neatness.
The originality is conspicuous in what he says concerning the idols of the tribe.
His kingship was conspicuous by its workday homespun.
His humility and charity were otherwise conspicuous.
Conspicuous consumption has seldom been so conspicuous.
Naturally, they are conspicuous in history over shorter times and smaller areas.
Conspicuous defecation, however, is restricted to males.
But some conspicuous political follies derive from national leaders' misreading of history.
There was little evidence in those years of conspicuous consumption.
But relative to everyone else, they are today wealthier and more conspicuous than at any time in living memory.
There are conspicuous omissions from his account of his presidency that have to be deliberate.

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