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In particular the combination of a continued fiscal stimulus and a credible commitment to consolidation struck the right balance.
Consolidation and maintenance therapies follow induction and first remission.
Most of the cuts will be achieved through a consolidation of administrative services, the newspaper notes.
If policy mistakes in the form of premature fiscal consolidation are made, the process could easily take a decade or more.
Such studies suggest that memory consolidation may be one function of sleep.
The team posits that this interplay between the two brain regions is a key step in memory consolidation.
Similar state-driven consolidation is afoot in the banking sector as well.
The impact of industrial consolidation on speech was not confined to the film industry.
Consolidation does not always come about spontaneously.
Nukes are better if consolidation of production is truly better.
However, this demand is already spurring consolidation.
There does need to be some consolidation of smaller degree programs.
The push for school consolidation has been long and contentious.
Consolidation among the legacy carriers has been a constant drumbeat in the airline industry the past few years.
Consolidation of the higher education industry may make sense.
Efficiency savings are the one element of the last round of consolidation that did arrive as promised.
The trend is a slightly less extreme version of the consolidation of the music and movie businesses.
The comments about debt consolidation and relief all address federal loans.
One way or another, consolidation is all but inevitable.
In a sense, this period of market consolidation was inevitable.
Each country will have a debt limit that is partly a function of its own history of fiscal consolidation.
The recession also proved the importance of size in competing for customers, which means that more consolidation is likely.
Although there is no shortage of companies for sale, consolidation is unlikely to happen quickly.
Yet the consolidation is not so much for synergy as for survival.
The consolidation of clearing is increasingly attractive to market participants for several reasons.
But when the economy finds itself in a balance-sheet recession, nothing is worse than premature fiscal consolidation.
Interest rates keep falling but they are not reflected in consolidation packages.
Against either goal, the government's consolidation efforts to date have been a little pathetic, lacking in focus and effect.
Announcement was made yesterday of the consolidation of four of the leading ribbon manufacturers of the country.
Global takeovers will then be possible, leading to consolidation and economies of scale.
It promised to combine two highly complementary businesses in an industry undergoing rapid consolidation.
The decline is due to a shake-out among smaller members and consolidation among trading firms.
Imminent deregulation has already begun to encourage consolidation in other parts of the industry.
Policy will focus on crisis management in the short term, delaying progress on fiscal consolidation and strengthening the economy.
Other firms are also showing signs of concern and are taking tentative steps towards consolidation.
Her three years in office have been a valuable time of consolidation.
Almost every one has a general notion of the meaning of the word trust as used to describe a consolidation of business interests.
He never lived to effect the consolidation he had planned.
But my view is that consolidation occurs in some interesting ways.
The biggest factor in the astronomical rise in textbook prices is consolidation in the textbook industry.
Some reports say that late morning sleep helps in consolidation of memory.
To properly interfere with the re-consolidation of a learned fear memory the patient has to relive the experience.
To create a memory, the brain moves information from short-term storage into long-term storage--a process called consolidation.
Consolidation in the generic drug business has left fewer companies making each drug, he says.
Faltering sales will undermine the confidence of businesses far more than fiscal consolidation will embolden them.
Further consolidation is likely to make the industry healthier.
One powerful pension-fund consultant has spoken out against consolidation in the industry.
In principle, industry consolidation makes it easier for firms to synchronise their actions.
The third trend is consolidation, to plug gaps, address new markets and achieve economies of scale.
In addition, the move may prevent consolidation of the banking sector by removing potential suitors from the pool.
Whether through mergers, ever-closer alliances or code shares, the name of the game for the big carriers is consolidation.
It does nothing to support the near-term economic outlook, and makes less progress on long-term fiscal consolidation than hoped.
Whatever the merits of size, consolidation appears inevitable.
These firms seem to have run out of energy to play the game of worldwide consolidation that accompanies globalisation of markets.
Nonetheless, for any other industry as diversified as management education, the inevitable result would be consolidation.
Instead it should favour medium-term fiscal consolidation.
More transparency would help to avoid wasting scarce resources and promote consolidation in parts of the sector.
Together they have driven down costs and brought about consolidation across the industry.
At any rate, there is a debate to be had about the right amount of market regulation and fiscal consolidation.
But this is merely the latest of many whispers in a business where overcapacity makes it ripe for consolidation.
Some casino operators may have no alternative but to sell out to healthier rivals as part of a broad consolidation.
It's the buzzword, to be sure, in book publishing and other media in this era of conglomeration and consolidation.
X-rays of patients with bronchitis do not show fluid or consolidation in the lung.
Consolidation in the radio industry is making it harder for bands to get airplay.
The sale of a beloved brewery hints at a wave of beer-industry consolidation.
Industry consolidation has left patients with fewer choices of provider.
There has to be relationship, consolidation and coordination.
Even as forms of radiation seemed to proliferate, theory was driving physics the other way, toward consolidation.

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