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The original answer was a consolidated marketplace and a single trading platform.
Those unconscious memories don't rely on the hippocampal region to be consolidated and stored.
Recently, the newly consolidated storm has been taking on its predecessor's reddish-brown hue.
Convenient and quality amenities include a consolidated rental car facility to help you get to your preferred destination.
In fact, in the future they'll only cause more problems, because the distributing cartels will have consolidated.
Interestingly, such a disruption does not impair memory for facts and events that have already been consolidated.
Even as he did so, the reef theory consolidated its hold.
The plethora of job-based retirement plans would be simplified and consolidated.
It almost certainly would result in job loses as the companies consolidated operations.
The long-term recovery trend would thus be consolidated.
The pharmaceutical industry consolidated through hundreds of mergers and acquisitions.
In that time the industry has consolidated and new forms of media have proliferated.
Consolidated is a major integrated gas transmission company.
My interest rate is locked in and my loans are consolidated.
Meanwhile, emergency income transfers to the poor are being consolidated and expanded.
Belatedly they faced up to many of their losses, restructured and consolidated.
Since then, he has consolidated his power and undertaken an aggressive economic reform program.
In the years since, he has consolidated his power, so that his will now seems to be law.
There are plenty of new parties, but no consolidated leadership has emerged.
When a memory is formed it is consolidated, but each time it's retrieved it becomes unstable again.
In addition, four programs that operate on both campuses would be consolidated.
The reader provides a consolidated view of your subscribed content in a single browser display or desktop application.
But it was obviously a mistake to present such a consolidated target.
These are retrieved from the solvent and consolidated into their final shape, such as a screw.
Many should be closed or consolidated, some have murky ownership.
But the industry has largely consolidated, and the top firms now face the challenge of organic expansion in a poor country.
There is talk that some ministries may be consolidated.
Certainly, the superiority of the single, consolidated regulator has yet to be proved.
The results suggest that memories, once consolidated, can remain accessible even after significant loss of brain cells.
Either way, you now have a fully consolidated set of records for a patient, accessible from any system.
After the conflict, the continued pursuit of nationalist agendas severely punished the losers and consolidated colonial empires.
Now these families have consolidated power by establishing their own autonomous zones and quasi-governmental functions.
Their coyness is likely to continue until a political transition is consolidated.
The lists could be collected and consolidated into a database.
Costs have gone up as much as fivefold, and the industry has consolidated into fewer operations.

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