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She can do much of her work at a console-no more climbing ladders to change filters.
Adding voice and video chat to its games console and phone platform and maybe showing a few ads.
To perform procedures, surgeons sit at a console across the room from the patient.
The console provides a stereoscopic view inside a patient's body.
To simplify it further for businesses lets have power boxes wired to a remote console that can control the power.
After more than two thousand years his words still have not the slightest power to console us.
They are stationed in the back right corner of the ops floor at a console with several phones and a radarscope.
The question goes well beyond expected console sales.
But those who do spend on social and online games spend nearly as much as do console video game players.
Depending on the restaurant's preferences, the console could show you nutritional information, ingredients lists and photographs.
The organ console, the refrigerator-size nerve center with keys and pedals and stops, had been damaged.
The center console houses two cupholders and a bin forward of the shift lever fitted with a grippy pad.
Two more cupholders fold out of the rear of the center console for use by rear-seat occupants.
But, of course, nonbelievers can always console themselves with the fact that events tend to prove their cynicism right.
The interior needs a little more work as the dash pad is a little warped and the center console isn't attached properly.
The console is used to control inflation and deflation of pneumatic lifting bags.
Pneumatic bags connected to the console by air hoses are used to lift crash damaged aircraft in recovery operations.

Famous quotes containing the word console

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