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But over time the national total has consistently been revised up, suggesting that any overstatement is modest.
When playing this simple game, people consistently reject the rational choice.
Plenty of palms grow where weather is consistently warm, but it's harder to find options for cold climates.
It is now consistently missing its inflation target.
Nobody likes to work with people who are consistently unprofessional.
But over time the latter has consistently been revised up, suggesting that any overstatement is modest.
Doing small things consistently over time-if enough people participate-can make a dent, even in a global problem.
The county is consistently chasing after people's property under one excuse after another.
We think plants that consistently put on exemplary performances should receive their own public acknowledgment.
Health is one area in which the public sector consistently does a better job than the private sector at controlling costs.
The course evaluations consistently rank him lowest in the entire school.
So although these mice were consistently eating poorly, they stayed as trim and fit as mice that were fed a low-fat diet.
Creating consistently spaced holes adds to the time and labor.
Epidemiological studies consistently fail to uncover negative health effects.
In particular, emerging-market currencies are consistently undervalued.
We're consistently a few paces behind the people we're supposed to be policing.
Teaching is much more important and the tenure candidate with consistently bad ratings is in trouble.
Research consistently shows that parents are less satisfied with their lives than the childless.
There are certain artists whose concerts these days seem to be consistently sold out.
Few contemporary novelists are as consistently well served.
So it needs several hours every day consistently and/or immersion to achieve.
Since then, the losses have trended consistently down.
The point is that some money managers consistently outperform the market over many years.
Music teaching apps consistently rank high in the app stores.
Peanut butter is a top seller, with cinnamon apple and mint consistently hovering near the bottom.
Research has suggested that chief executives consistently overestimate their influence on a company.
Astronomical, meteorological, and oceanographic data were consistently collected.
There's consistently been retribution toward each of our major counterterrorism offenses.
The open question is whether active protection can be pulled off consistently without hurting nearby civilians.
And the speed of their purported ascent, through a week of consistently bad weather, seemed equally improbable.
Larger birds in this group have consistently longer wings and narrower heads.
There are people in the world who have no friends and consistently cannot make them.
The same holds true when you ask students to include a bibliography using a consistently applied style.
The offerings comes as wireless providers continue to enjoy hefty stock market valuations and consistently high growth rates.
His creations consistently entranced the critics but also puzzled them.
The administration has consistently treated the students at our campus respectfully and as adults.
But if summers continue to become consistently warmer, it could conceivably increase the frequency of human contact with bats.
Meanwhile, the gunfire sputters as consistently as the musical background.
The time it takes for the percept to flip differs consistently across individuals.
But he doesn't see evidence the fish are consistently breeding here.
The data also imply that moderns were consistently exploiting small terrestrial animals, too.
We are in publishing, a profession not known for functioning well or even consistently early in the morning.
Biographers, however, are rarely bold enough to adopt the selective method consistently.
Apart from this, the adaptation has been consistently made, and the works coincide in much of their detail.
The smaller-scale administrative initiatives he's now consistently announcing may help only at the margin.
Given the low rate of sales this summer and consistently high foreclosure rate, inventory will likely continue to grow.
Even today, in this economy, there are municipalities that consistently close out their annual budgets with a surplus.
Although its growth hasn't been as consistent, it has also been adding jobs fairly consistently since last fall.
City studies show that consumption of sugared beverages is consistently higher in those neighborhoods.
Right now, there's only one tried-and-true system: a human being thoughtfully and consistently engaging with a community.
Consistently driving drum beats emphasize the power and might of the saintly main figure.
At that time, we'll begin to see home sales slowly tick up until home prices are rising consistently and confidence is restored.
In calmer times, the balance remains lower but more consistently.
Hung, however, consistently took the opposite approach.
Firms consistently provide the same set of answers for why hiring is so subdued.
Obviously it is admirable to line up consistently behind whatever argument comes from your side.
It has been consistently increasing due to the growth in nonrevolving credit.
So one might expect a warm welcome for a technology that has consistently driven up revenues and profit margins.
As with motor racing, a reliable gauge is needed to ensure that successful manoeuvres are repeated consistently.
In fact, people are consistently bad at dealing with uncertainty, underestimating some kinds of risk and overestimating others.
He would say it was by consistently ignoring intellectual fads.
Good deeds are consistently rewarded, lapses always have consequences.
Then there is the astonishing difficulty of consistently hitting the right notes, let alone making music.
But the emphasis on the economy still seems sensible, as voters consistently say it is their chief concern in polls.
Earthquakes, on the other hand, have small but consistently negative effects on economic growth.
Only one of the economists consistently noted those affiliations when speaking and writing publicly.
His annual evaluations rated him consistently good or better on teaching, service, and research.
Some people seemed to be consistently better than others at concentrating amid distraction.
Senior professors continue their inquiries, making their departments consistently relevant and industrious research centers.
Nicks stepped up as a chain-mover, converting seven first downs and consistently getting free on broken plays.
Developed over four-year career into a consistently dominant player.
But there are few, if any, who can do it consistently better than tossing a coin.
Researchers still need to find ways to make these materials cheaply and consistently, however, before they can be widely deployed.
There is a company that consistently leads the efficiency charge.
Goats consistently put more of their body weight on their limbs.
But with today's prices consistently well above that, the practice is booming.
Or faster weight loss when you consistently track food intake.
It's now clear that the sensation of pain doesn't match up consistently with stimulation of pain-sensing nerves.
She noticed that the driest months in one region were consistently the wettest in the other.
In one of two locations it has worked, it has not worked consistently or without some cashier persistence.
The data suggest that three factors consistently make a difference in voting rates: money, marriage, and homeownership.
But he consistently displayed an indifference to reality which went deeper than his propaganda techniques.
But that is only because they have been lied to consistently for many years by their medical profession.
Students who expected to hear it again consistently found it more irritating.
People have struggled with population growth rate predictions for over a century and have been wrong pretty consistently.
Studies using the proper controls consistently favor the second explanation.
When the day was cloudy, the wanderers indeed walked in circles, but not by turning consistently in one direction.
Because of the condition my glucose levels are consistently higher than a normal level.
Each has limitations, often rooting back to how to consistently apply methodologies across programs and sectors.
Among other things, we're the only mostly hairless, consistently bipedal primate.
Although many treatments have shown some promise, none is consistently effective.
We should build databases to look for individual doctors who consistently over or under estimate.
Problem is that when the weatherman consistently predicts rain and doesn't get it, he gets laughed out of the business.
Listeners consistently overestimated the drunkenness of mildly intoxicated subjects.
It is consistently gripping, often chilling, and frankly impossible to stop reading after the segment about her brother.
But it has consistently offered one of the few convincing possible explanations for altruism and still a subject of much study.
It might seem strange for the meerkats and babblers to be so consistently duped by the drongo, but their behaviour makes sense.
From the beginning some consumers have consistently been hesitant to drink milk from cows treated with artificial hormones.
For those who prefer to play it safe, the engraved picture frame is a consistently disappointing choice.
We were consistently broke or in some kind of financial crisis.
Yet that hasn't been consistently borne out in lab experiments.
Human beings are consistently selfish and cannot see past the problem of having a polar bear in town.
Consistently he has blasted his enemies as drug addicts and rats.
Indeed he rarely bothers to define them, much less to use them consistently.
From an egalitarian point of view, market economies consistently misallocate goods, both within countries and between them.
Drug industry expenditures for research and development, while large, were consistently far less than profits.
In this position he appears to have argued consistently for accommodation between the two sides.
But the alternative is continuing a process that has consistently failed.
If he wanted to translate her letters in an outdated period style, he should have done so consistently.
If his book is often disconcerting and sometimes exasperating, it is also richly textured and consistently alive.
Soviet doctrine had previously held, though not consistently, that a protracted nuclear war was possible.
In fact, the book and the work in general have consistently had the opposite effect upon people.
They have tightly luscious surfaces and, sometimes tropically bright in color, they are consistently pretty.
Q--My gums have been aching consistently around the tooth line for three months.
Remember that many online physician ratings don't consistently moderate content or review the comments before posting.
Our board consistently runs illegal meetings and spends money without agreement of the owners.
His players bucked the college-jock stereotype and consistently earned diplomas.
Make sure they are consistently applied when choosing among candidates.

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