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Example sentences for consignment

See if you can find a high-end consignment store in your area.
He revealed that the heroin seized from under the seat of his car was only half the consignment.
If you are not crafty, you should check out consignment shops for second hand costumes.
Consider buying your crisply pressed trousers and blouses from thrift or consignment stores.
The stoves and the consignment model were both successful.
Although each individual consignment of data is tiny, they add up.
If there is no gown in your family, scour vintage and consignment shops to find a dress that can be altered to fit.
Second, it takes the decision about whether a consignment is legitimate out of the hands of inspectors in the field.
Counter-cyclical businesses such as consignment stores of all types are doing well in this economy.
There is no spoilage from goods returned from consignment.
There was barely enough money to rent a small, shabby theater and buy costumes at consignment shops.
If the next consignment fails to shape up, he will receive a visit and a lecture.
He placed the chapel models in local gift shops on consignment, but few sold.
Second-hand or consignment shops are great places to find clothes, kitchen equipment and even furniture.
Many people don't realize the income they earn from auctions and consignment sales may be taxable.
Offeror will submit their initial consignment and all consignment changes within three working days to the contracting office.
The sale occurs when the customer withdraws the property from its consignment inventory to be surgically implanted.
It receives such articles on a consignment basis from local merchants.
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