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Consign to the scrap heap the notion that this holiday requires exact wine-and-food matching alchemy.
Some service tasks will consign you to comparative obscurity.
Communists used to air-brush people out of history rather than consign them to it.
Fate's retribution has been to consign the two to an eternity together in uncomfortably close quarters.
Failure to adopt a meaningful plan of action will consign them to a permanent cycle of want.
Nor should it: human knowledge is too precious to consign to the ether alone.
It would, therefore, consign a non-trivial share of the world's people to continued or even deepening poverty.
Literary editors tend to consign them straight to the bin.
Editors in poetic frenzy consign him to infernal torments.
Namely, consign them all to the decontamination work within the exclusion zone for the rest of their lives.
Never consign valuables or essential items to checked luggage.
When you agree to consign items to a shop, you're a consignor.
Another approach is for traffickers to consign their proceeds to money brokers who launder the funds for a fee or commission.
It shall also be the responsibility of buyers to consign purchased swine to legal destinations.
Require dealers who sell vehicles on consignment to protect the people who consign their vehicles.
The latter must also consign batch number information.
The sale offers the opportunity to buy and consign anything equestrian-related.
To begin with the first army evil, if an officer is known to get the worse for liquor, cashier him and consign him to home infamy.
The sale offers the opportunity to buy and consign anything equestrian related.

Famous quotes containing the word consign

To pin your hopes upon the future is to consign those hopes to a hypothesis, which is to say, a nothingness... more
I have often thought how strange it is that men can at once and the same moment cheerfully consign our sex ... more
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