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Mathematically speaking, the designers considered their course all but impossible.
In my field, these are not considered peer reviewed.
Many foods are considered delicacies, not for their taste, but for their medicinal effects.
Working long hours is considered a hallmark of a medical residency.
Here, he developed many of the items considered signature representations of the company.
Humans and many primates clearly recognize individual voices, a capacity considered fundamental for rich social lives.
The report also examines net price once room and board costs are considered.
He is considered honest and frugal, rare virtues in a country with eye-popping graft.
There is no precise definition of when a language should be considered endangered.
Easy-care succulents have long been considered the boring last resort of brown-thumb gardeners.
Experience in online teaching will be considered favorably.
Samuelson's piece also talks about how its difficult to measure poverty, and some of the factors that are not considered.
Hammerhead populations are not accurately known, but appear stable worldwide, and they are not considered threatened.
But he is also a highly regarded blues, rock and jazz artist considered a solid songwriter and session musician.
Attractive but generally considered weedy more add to my plant list enlarge.
Objects that have not met all the criteria are considered to be candidates for dwarf planets.
Incomplete applications or failure to attach all unofficial transcripts will not be considered.
One option being considered is to label the bail-out money a move to help restructure the banking sector.
Sailfish are fairly abundant throughout their range, and their population is considered stable.
For humans, the sputtering sound known as a raspberry is commonly considered a contemptuous gesture.
Here are the four names that were considered for the ferret.
Has richer pink flowers and is considered hardier than the species more add to my plant list.
As a result, one case of polio in an area that has been considered polio-free is an emergency.
Learn why it was considered the center of community life and a traveler's necessity.
Adult weevils are considered strong fliers, venturing more than a half-mile in search of host trees.
Instead, suitability to the trust account's purposes and beneficiaries' needs is considered the determinant.
Bringing extinct species back to life is no longer considered science fiction.
For years, they were considered vermin in their own land, hunted almost to extinction.
Has richer pink flowers and is considered hardier than the species add to my plant list.
His aides say that he knew nothing about the scheme before a local planning committee considered it.
They are not considered pets, though they are admired for their loyalty and valued for their courage.
Still, a relief well is generally considered a safe bet to stop a leaky well.
Americans, in particular, are considered exceptional if they know another language.
Glacier's water can be considered the headwaters of the entire continent.
Proposals for smaller tokamaks are also being considered.
Amber is considered a gem, and pieces containing intact insects are among those that jewelry makers prize the most.
Attractive but generally considered weedy add to my plant list.
The other five were not considered particularly demeaning.
Gila populations are shrinking due primarily to human encroachment, and they are considered a threatened species.
Some accounts say they considered these waters a gift of the gods.
Although some volcanoes are considered extinct, almost any volcano is capable of rumbling to life again.
They're a diabolical nuisance, yet considered sacred.
Tiger sharks are curious fish and considered potentially dangerous to humans.
All other leave during the academic year must be approved and will be considered leave without pay.
Flying drones from halfway across the world used to be considered a cushy, if somewhat sterile, military job.
All requested information must be entered for your application to be considered.
No wonder he was vitriolic about authors he considered had easy success.
It may be that observations without consent are considered ok if no identifying information is used.
They considered several scenarios using fuzzy logic.
Dey was considered a bright light in the field of higher-education research.
Families, once considered beyond the reach of state meddling, are now the focus of much attention.
Houseman was considered a rising star among wildlife cinematographers.
Has richer pink flowers and is considered hardier than the species.
In the first, they considered only idle land or land with marginal productivity.
Today it is considered an important form of world music.
Henry was famous for surprise endings, not wordplay, though a pun could be considered a surprise ending for a sentence.
They are considered a delicacy by many people around the world.
The building has always been considered the cornerstone of our downtown.
They were polyester, green polyester, and the members of the hiring committee considered that a serious offense.
But from a culinary and nutritional perspective, it's considered a whole grain.
Applications will be considered until the position is filled.
They are now considered to be firmly within the party's mainstream.
Historically, in fact, undiverted water was considered wasted.
The work must be considered an integral part of a degree program.
It might not harm the visual impression at all to simply say that all pixels within a certain shade range are considered equal.
Applicants being considered will be asked to provide additional information and materials.
They contain geological features widely considered unparalleled for their beauty and grandeur.
Candidates with strong qualifications and accomplishments in other areas may be considered.
Declining to drink this offering is considered an insult.
But about a fifth of the swamp is considered prairie, flooded on average by about a foot of water.
What may be considered normal for one patient could indicate a need for concern for another.
Teleportation was long considered impossible because it violates the so-called uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics.
We considered our service part of the efforts of people who lived in the woods and fought for liberation.
Disaster preparedness and recovery also need to be considered.
Then he considered the novelty of bananas, which don't grow in this forest.
Though little information is known about their population sizes, they are considered a vulnerable species.
Methamphetamine-meth-is considered one of the hardest drugs to quit.
The factors considered include broadband and mobile-phone penetration, as well as government regulation.
Conservationist tenant preferred, but extractive forestry also considered.
They are traditionally selected from among boys considered to be reincarnations of deceased office-holders.
There is no jury system, and judicial precedent is generally considered to be binding.
The authorities never even considered allowing the financial crisis to continue unhindered.
He considered, discarded and pared down ideas for months before he squeezed even a drop of paint onto his palette.
The cowboy was a positive image, as opposed to the hillbilly, which was considered a negative image.
Being able to read silently to yourself was considered an amazing talent.
Applications that are late, e-mailed, or faxed will not be considered.
The new test does away with a writing section that wasn't widely considered.
New life in- deed, because not too long ago his ideas were considered dead.
It does affirm that the world climate as a whole has to be considered and actions one place offset actions elsewhere.
If you're interested in being considered for the challenge, click here to take a short survey.
Graffiti was once considered a sign of urban decay, the sort of thing that might keep tourists away from a neighborhood.
WE have hitherto considered two artificial groups and have found that they are dominated by two emotional ties.
In office buildings and stores the elevator is considered as public a place as the corridor.
They followed those whom they considered the best models.
It has been by turns exalted and decried, and the manner of its exhibition has not always been wisely considered.
Merely asking a question, or making a suggestion, is not considered as speaking.
When a question is considered informally, the proceedings should be kept as usual, as the only informality is in the debate.
The majority of the following poems are to be considered as experiments.
These observations are to be considered not as unexceptionally constant, but as containing general and predominant truth.
Artificial and insipid as the play now seems, its combination of emotion, action and theory was considered a revelation.
The whole, however, is commonly considered as the earnings of his labour.
In other words, it is as literature and not as a scientific treatise that ideal commonwealths should be considered.
Butler now has an opportunity of exhibiting a lawyer in what he probably considered a true light.
The task: to develop an odor so universally repulsive it would be considered unbearable by people from all cultures.
When an organism exists naturally in a given ecosystem, it is considered a native species.
The trials, on sandy ground considered ideal habitat for ground-nesting birds, were ringed by half-metre-high electrified wire.
Three days of mental distress is considered average, the researchers say.
But the population is not particularly robust, and the animal is considered endangered.
Flying lemurs are considered the closest living relatives to primates.
The researchers initially considered thawing the squid in a giant microwave oven.
Spiders are often considered top-dog predators of the creepy crawly world.
As it happens, only a subset of prisoners currently locked away for long periods of isolation would be considered truly dangerous.
Windshield wipers are considered a distraction, and so are headlights.
Ganger never considered himself a member of the underworld.
He is considered the musical wunderkind of our time--a pianist prodigy.
We reserve the right to reject, disqualify, and delete any images that are considered inappropriate.
The subject's pose, lighting, and environment are all carefully considered.
In no other country are automatic refrigerators considered a necessity instead of a luxury.
Boiled rice was added, since rice starch was the only thickening considered suitable for a bisque.
Keeping live animals at the shop has no relation to whether the animal is considered halal or not.
The kidney is surrounded by fat, and the suet from the beef kidney is considered ore of the best animal fats for cooking.
One stumbles onto them here and there in globe-wandering, but such restaurants and inns are not to be considered here.
For instance, a farmer would no longer be considered a farmer if she sold jam made from fruits produced on her farm.
Robots have been considered too unpredictable and dangerous to work alongside humans in factories.
Adding anaerobic digestion has already been considered by consultants.
But answers that require only a little personal knowledge to guess should also be considered unsafe, the researchers warn.
But seldom has technology worked to bring food as far from what was considered normal as it does today.
Although every variable is considered beforehand, adjustments have to be made as the game progresses.
Solar power can be considered as a great ecological energy saving and bring a new way of living.
Since our products are commercially available, my post could be considered shameless commerce.
It is not considered a sickness, and no cause has been defined.
Injury to nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, once considered permanent, may be reversible after all.
The tobacco plant is considered a villain of the plant world because of the harmful effects of smoking it.
Not long ago the idea would never even have been considered.
The rest of the brain's cells, called glia, were long considered little more than scaffolding.
Specifically, the ability to control a narrow, mildly pressurized jet of water was considered excellent.
The idea that a genetic component entered crucially into this was considered exotic, to put it mildly.
Once considered to be fringe science, time travel has suddenly become a playground for theoretical physicists.
The area itself is considered sacred by modern pagans, who still make offerings at a nearby spring.
As far as exactly what items are considered patentable, intellectual property cases are constantly amending that.
Then field researchers can go out and hunt for earthquake clues they might otherwise have not considered.
Meanwhile, planets keep showing up in places scientists once considered unlikely, such as around double stars.
Although the disorder is considered rare, its frequency may be underestimated because mild cases probably go unreported.
But his work shouldn't be considered an exercise in virtuosity.
Every aspect of our present government is considered illegitimate.
At that time this was generally considered the only thing to do.
He started to suggest various courses of action that might be considered.
You'll be surprised how many things you considered your own and good can easily fit, without much adjustment, your enemy.
For your letter to be considered, you must include your phone number and postal address.
Such a profoundly untrue statement would never be made, even if spinal fusion was to be considered.
The last session really did nothing which can be considered final as to these questions.
In the neighborhood it's considered wise to leave some questions unasked.
The more aspects of our society he can fit between the book's covers, the more ambitious he is considered to be.
The advanced studies are supposed to occupy equal amounts of time in preparation, and in that sense are considered equivalent.
Thus the apple-tree may be considered a symbol of peace no less than the olive.
In fact, it is considered a primary means of treatment.
But true architectural beauty has a particular nature: calm and considered, standing to one side of fast and furious fashion.
Most anything will be considered when experimenting with new sounds.
The evil twin might come off as the more sympathetic of the two, all things considered.
He was considered the master of rococo porcelain sculpture.
Everyone who used computers considered this one of the standard discomforts.

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