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But the data also shows something that may be much more important, though there are some considerable uncertainties involved.
The loss in killed and wounded is not known, but supposed to be considerable on both sides.
The perils of running an academic conference are considerable.
State governments and parliaments have considerable responsibilities, including education and policing.
Refining aluminum from bauxite requires a considerable amount of energy.
Pregnancy poses considerable challenges to human mothers-to-be.
Those are lofty ambitions, but they have been achieved with considerable success.
Plants will bloom in sun or considerable shade more add to my plant list enlarge.
Remedy showed a considerable amount of design maturity in moving from their original open world to a more directed experience.
There is considerable snowfall, and in the north snow remains on the ground for about half the year.
Yet the pictures attracted considerable media attention.
Still, the researchers have considerable work ahead of them before such a treatment can be evaluated in human clinical trials.
He proceeded to do so at considerable personal risk.
Daylilies will survive considerable drought, but for generous bloom they need ample water during their growing period.
Apple's software update and security bulletin provide evidence that a considerable number of customers were affected.
Still, the housing market faces considerable obstacles in its efforts to revive.
And even though it was text, the load time was still considerable.
Without a rapid and sustained increase in overall rates of economic growth, reducing poverty will remain a considerable challenge.
Don't be surprised if there is considerable smacking of lips during a meal and burping at the end to show the meal tasted good.
There is still considerable uncertainty regarding how much radiation the plant released.
Worse, considerable interbreeding had already taken place.
Several generations of psychotropic drugs have proven to be of little or no benefit, and may be doing considerable harm.
How a protein folds is therefore a matter of considerable interest.
Their flight is actually the ability to glide considerable distances from the high branches of trees.
But the ornamental value of chemical pigments, too, has stirred considerable interest.
Given their glamorous appearance and considerable cachet, orchids make impressive gifts.
But researchers have considerable work ahead to make it work.
It sought, with considerable success, to reform social and economic structures so the poor would have the same chance.
Taken together, the evidence suggests considerable uncertainty about the use of nano-ingredients in consumer products.
Tolerates considerable shade more add to my plant list.
Developing a national seismic-risk-reduction plan will require considerable investment in education.
We have to survey remote areas and transporting the heavy instruments up steep mountain paths presents a considerable challenge.
Or you will be told, often with considerable vehemence, that hail causes the greenness.
All of these elements can create a new round of transition issues and considerable instability.
Survivors can experience considerable pain for weeks and often have significant scarring where the tentacles made contact.
The record-breaking galaxy is so far away and so dim that the astronomers needed considerable help to observe it.
Tolerates considerable drought when grown in full shade add to my plant list.
As supplemental instruction, this initiative has considerable value.
The loser gets what scientists call the burden of motherhood: the considerable energy costs of caring for the developing eggs.
If so, the authors note, the marine ecology and valuable coastal fisheries of this region could face considerable problems.
Once they are, torch lilies will sustain considerable drought.
Our approach has received considerable attention among academics and legal media.
Hopes for the park go far beyond its considerable environmental benefits.
After that its cost should decrease by a considerable amount.
Does best in cool weather but withstands considerable heat.
As a result, the money saved on public health would be considerable.
Plants will bloom in sun or considerable shade add to my plant list.
Damage to the museum's galleries and storerooms was considerable.
It thrives in moist conditions but can withstand considerable drought.
Can take considerable drought but produces better fruit with regular moisture.
Considerable pinching is needed to achieve compact form.
Of course, there's considerable variation among colleges and universities, but there would seem to be enough similarities as well.
The stakes were not high, but the bragging rights considerable.
The testimony taken yesterday was of considerable importance.
The minuscule keyboard proved difficult to use, requiring considerable dexterity to thumb-type on it with any speed.
The adventurer's rewards today are more personal but no less considerable.
There will also be a considerable scaling-down of sites that will remain open.
Considerable time was occupied yesterday in organizing the various committees.
However, considerable evidence suggests that the same is true in the historically traditional programs.
If there are two of you working, you can stash away a considerable amount of money.
There is therefore a considerable risk that the economy will tip back into recession.
Political pressure from the state to admit students who aren't qualified is also a considerable problem.
The considerable literature on the feminization of global manufacturing would be a case in point.
The school has sunk considerable sums into the project, producing slick online lectures and investing in technology.
Human muscle enhancement has already shown considerable success.
There is considerable evidence that the student understands the materials.
The provinces enjoy considerable autonomy, but this has caused tensions with central government.
Thus the socio-economic impact of the emergency measures are expected to be considerable.
Both consider considerable upfront costs, and neither delivery tangible benefits in the short term.
By then they knew that there was a considerable downside to downsizing.
Here's hoping she gets a chance to showcase more of her considerable action chops.
Climate change theory predicts that tipping points will create considerable economic disruption.
Commuting exacts considerable stress on the human mind and body and on family relationships.
Over time, this can amount to considerable water conservation.
Fortunately, her considerable artistic talents gave her other outlets for her ambition.
There he was able to study, in considerable detail, the habits of the tortoise.
Finally, his career as a librarian was ruined, which was considerable punishment in itself.
And what's appealing is a matter of considerable subjectivity.
And the vehicle that was filming me was some considerable distance away.
However, when they do the consensus is that they will make a difference and that the difference may be considerable.
As your anointed successor, this column caused me considerable anguish.
And a considerable amount of public money will be invested in making all of the above happen.
Thank you for sharing your considerable wisdom and expertise.
Four noted veteran players with considerable histories together-the.
Surely, this will cost considerable sums of money and add to the deficit.
The researchers naturally are taking considerable pleasure in the finding.
And in the digital world, you may find considerable advantage in buying some of those staples directly from the manufacturer.
It remains an area of considerable debate in economic history why this happened.
The programme places considerable emphasis on pre-course reading, tutorials and small study groups.
The new discipline of digital rock physics has, nevertheless, attracted considerable attention within the industry.
Reading his work takes effort, but the rewards are considerable.
It took considerable political courage to travel as far as he already had.
There is also considerable contact between the two companies at board level.
At the same time, she faced considerable skepticism.
Seafloor is an active environment with considerable variability from one place to another.
So either way, you're looking at a considerable adjustment upwards in the cost of living.
Most renewables will have made considerable progress.
His advice to would-be writers combines considerable thought with laudable clarity.
Most of the prisoners suffered for a considerable time from the injuries received during those interrogations.
The record across these four countries is exceptional, but there is still considerable room for growth.
The first was that, outward appearances notwithstanding, the campaign prepared a clear strategy and did considerable planning.
The light sentence annoyed the publishers, who had gone to considerable expense to prosecute him.
They've already gone a considerable distance toward subverting it.
At heart, this is a philosophical question, and moral and political philosophers have given it considerable thought.
The new group focused much of its efforts on the company's health-care programs, with considerable success.
Considerable research was done on the precise nature of the annoyance, much of which bordered on the self-evident.
People thereabouts can drive boats through the mountains for a considerable distance, which is what our family did that summer.
Sometimes they sink to considerable depths without mixing.
Granting even that a considerable proportion of the third unheard from are unsuccessful, this is a record of usefulness.
The cognoscenti, though, have largely ignored this quiet virtue while extolling what are really the show's considerable flaws.
These types of ordeals tend to involve a considerable degree of political intrigue and command public attention.
Finally, popular resistance is not quite the same as nonviolence, though there is considerable overlap.
Children recognize early on that play is an opportunity for pure enjoyment, whereas games may involve considerable stress.
Beyond anecdotes, of course, there's considerable scientific evidence showing that veganism is a smart way to eat.
There is considerable debate among experts regarding when complete removal is appropriate.
Should the market soar, however, you'll probably feel considerable buyer's remorse.
Salty appeared to be in considerable pain as he was escorted off the field by trainers.
There was considerable moral support for his position.
In sizes big enough for automotive uses, they generate considerable heat and require special cooling.
The sinuses are of considerable size by the seventh or eighth year, but do not attain their full proportions until after puberty.
It is covered by the lining of the ventricle, and crossed by some veins of considerable size.
The lateral parts of the middle fossa are of considerable depth, and support the temporal lobes of the brain.
They begin to be developed before birth, and are of a considerable size by the age of six.
It usually exists in considerable abundance, and determines the form and size of the gland.
Its base is continuous with the body of the bone, and of considerable strength.
During a perennial winter of a few years, he found, surface waters lose considerable heat.
It found considerable temperamental variation and distinct developmental stages.
To get a fair opinion on the subject requires a considerable amount of effort.
The theorems are of considerable importance to the philosophy of mathematics.
Despite the difference in the way its hands are shaped, a chimp has considerable dexterity.
Yvonne, a marriage counselor, will contribute her considerable peacekeeping skills.
Even within that spectrum any two colliding objects will still have considerable relative velocity.
Research gets considerable backing these days because it has a track record of paying off.
With a considerable smaller army you could be still safe from any potential invaders.
Considerable care is also generally taken to keep conditions as close as practical to optimum for the treatment under evaluation.
There has been considerable mathematical work in this arena.
Neil, there's a considerable difference between implosion and explosion.
Some cars have energy monitoring devices that teach you to drive economically, and the gains are considerable.
There is considerable damaging electrical interference coming from then into the surrounding areas.
The past two decades have yielded considerable evidence for sleep's pivotal role in memory consolidation.
We know there were not so many people, so there must have been a considerable intermarriage among families, cities and countries.
The thawing permafrost indicates that the warning about strong positive feedbacks have considerable merit.
The range of the cars is not the problem it is the fact it takes considerable time to charge.
While theoretical values are valuable, in practice considerable additional parasitical losses occur.
There is considerable science that shows how ecosystems will be affected by climate change.
They flock around him, requesting autographs and photo ops, which he grants with considerable grace.
Speaking from considerable experience, failing stinks.
For these, well-cut suits were essential-at considerable expense.
There is considerable professional disagreement about the causes of increased dispersion in wage rates.
It may be a considerable time before this theatrical ideal is realized.
Life and the world still held considerable novelty and mystery for me at that time, even when strongly flavored with routine.
Most of these students have been accepted on their merits, and a considerable proportion of them major in science or mathematics.
Military robots are on their way to developing considerable autonomy.
The event attracted considerable attention, for its novelty as much as for its substance.
Considerable knowledge of modern office methods and procedures.
Considerable knowledge of equipment used in cash handling.
Considerable skill in working interactively and productively in a multidisciplinary environment.
Performs work of considerable difficulty in the solicitation and execution of a variety of supply and service contracts.

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