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If you're going to splurge, consider something custom-designed, such as a light fixture.
However, state legislators this year will consider a bill to permit the collection of water for irrigation.
Entomologists consider the colony as a superorganism.
Consider how the crisis has unfolded over the past eighteen months.
Also consider that a life-form needs some way to collect, store and utilize energy.
Ask a group of people how good they are at driving, chances are they will all consider themselves to be above the mean.
We consider being free of all kinds of economic aspects to be part of our lifestyles.
If buying a home, consider its potential loss in value if a nearby underground storage tank were to leak.
Did the research consider the time of day of exercise and of anti-oxidant intake.
Consider, for example, bids to develop an oil field.
Another will consider how economics needs to change as a consequence.
Now the government is trying to attract them back, and to encourage younger talent to consider a scientific career.
Whether you consider him a crackpot or not seems to hinge on how seriously you take his gold standard talk.
Most legislatures have refused to even consider bans on smoking in the home, however.
It is interesting to consider how to respond to the rating.
But that approach fails to consider why bond yields have fallen.
Consider contact lenses that function as computer screens.
Although some would consider increased rainfall a blessing for such an arid region, it can be a headache for preservationists.
Turns out there's a lot of chemistry to consider when making meringue.
In the end, it is perhaps a question of courageous willingness to consider new and unconventional ways of thinking.
There he began to consider the precarious place of humans in the natural order.
Please consider the actual scenario before making sweeping generalizations.
As you prepare your answers to typical interview questions, consider the talking points you want to convey.
Consider giving examples of relevant effective teamwork experiences.
There are a number of factors to consider when selecting a research area.
But consider then whether you're suited to that kind of climate.
Pressure is mounting to consider instead a broad spectrum of attributes.
Expulsion is out of balance, especially when you consider that other law breakers are allowed to stay.
After all, even though they are friendly and you have the inside track, they are still free to not consider you.
Today, students still skew progressive, but they consider soapboxes and megaphones presumptuous.
Well did not consider how people make different interpretations.
Your husband should consider this dilemma as much his own as yours.
Those wishing to excel in the year ahead tend to review their previous accomplishments and consider areas for improvement.
If you're planning a business trip, consider whether a video linkup or a conference call will suffice.
When you're acting in a movie, you never consider the reception of it.
When she cuts to the nub of something and laughs infectiously, you can see why her friends consider her such good company.
If you are a regular reader of this weblog, please consider filling out the survey.
Now, consider someone sliding a towel over its surface.
Before you answer, you also need to consider what you are willing to do for those extra years.
For some sense of how small this is, consider your average visible, bright star.
If that sounds optimistic, consider a few of the year's headlines.
The ability to consider alternative images in an explicit way is definitely evolutionarily advantageous.
Most poker-playing physicists don't consider poker to be true gambling.
What you don't consider a brilliant idea, because it's your own, someone else will be amazed and wonder at your genius.
So the vaccinologists and tropical medicine experts are talking freely about what they're willing to consider a victory.
Psychiatrists consider these patients to be almost incurable.
Researchers consider plug-in hybrids charged by stationary solar arrays a better bet.
Anyway, they might want to consider advertising as a source of revenue.
Consider the question of how you might augment cognition and mood by stimulating selected neural circuits.
It may help to consider the current definitions of a galaxy, which are surprisingly vague.
We can't consider only the emissions from the vehicle.
We need to also consider the root cause of gearbox failures.
Also, off the subject, consider positive effects of niche markets for some technologies.
Also, he says, it's important to consider the application for which the camera design will be optimized.
There are other factors to consider too as well when it comes to solar.
Two things to consider when touting diesel hybrid technology.
If you prefer to avoid the crowds, consider enrolling in a course during the spring or fall months.
When deciding which way to travel, be sure to consider all the factors.
In addition to taste and quality, you need to consider how big the slices of pizza are.
If family pictures are that valuable, you might want to consider investing in them for posterity's sake.
Imagine outrageous results, and consider what they might require.
Consider serving guests less expensive sheet cake while you cut a beautifully decorated smaller cake.
Consider beneficial alternatives, including natives.
Before you choose a hair color, consider whether it complements your skin tone and what it says about your personality.
If wine doesn't quite cut it, consider a pint of sturdy beer or a shot of whiskey.
Every time you think you have an unpleasant job, consider the job of a federal slaughterhouse inspector.
Today, few consider the global war on terror to have been a success, either as a conceptual framing device or as an operation.
But there are more far-reaching societal implications to consider.
My task was to consider a series of investment options that were presented on a small illuminated screen over my head.
Nor did he care to consider whether the coffee tasted of soap or not.
Rational calculators are supposed to consider their options, then pick the one that maximizes the benefit to them.
They don't consider as wide a range of alternatives, and are more likely to jump to conclusions based on scanty evidence.
That's a dicey sentiment, consider- ing the tyrannical source.
Some advocates already consider this a violation of their human rights.
When you think that way, you have to always consider the long-run implications of short-term actions.
Consider, for a moment, how memory is supposed to operate.
Consider these voluntary pollution prevention measures.

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