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Learn what you can do to conserve resources and protect the planet.
Learn about the important research being carried out to conserve and protect island habitats around the world.
Recycling used oil is becoming the preferred way of handling used oil to protect the environment and conserve natural resources.
There is one problem, though, with helping plants conserve water.
Campuses are closed and people are asked to conserve power.
Every effort you make to conserve energy adds up to saving money while protecting the environment.
We need to understand the different forest life cycles and work to conserve all forestland.
But pollution, overfishing and development are harming efforts to conserve habitat and wildlife.
To conserve scarce supplies, water managers will probably have to implement restrictions again.
Now the surge in the cost of oil is forcing companies to conserve.
Income is needed to raise standards of living and create incentives for local people to conserve the fragile natural environment.
One of the best ways to conserve water is to buy recycled goods, and to recycle your stuff when you're done with it.
But whether genetic data can really help to conserve orangutan populations in the wild remains unclear.
To me, more important than building green is that people build so that they conserve energy and get energy from a green source.
The road isn't the only place plug-in hybrid electric vehicles can conserve fuel.
Experts offer advice on how to plug drafts to conserve heat and lower bills.
Recognition of the ecological significance of truffles is aiding efforts to conserve threatened species that depend on them.
To conserve bandwidth, only the portion of the image containing the telltale and the mirror were downloaded in every frame.
Installing low-flow water faucets is one way to conserve water.
To conserve moisture and discourage weeds, apply a mulch around and between shrubs.
The satellite payload, which consists of the communications equipment, was turned off to conserve energy.
In desert regions, different types of rocks replace a majority of turf in the landscape as a way to conserve water.
Using a queue you can set your client to seed torrents until you reach a certain ratio and then stop to conserve bandwidth.
There is also concern that environmental markets will conserve nature for the rich, at the expense of the poor.
Mulch to deter weeds, conserve moisture, and keep berries clean.
The trick would be to conserve power, not squander it.
Companies have switched abruptly from managing for profit to a frantic search for ways to conserve cash.
Do your part to conserve trees and ask your parents to buy recycled or mechanical pencils.
He also said that he had scrapped the group's dividend to try to conserve capital.
To conserve energy, the bear's internal temperature drops a few degrees.
Battery-saver mode takes satellite reads less frequently to conserve juice.
In addition, countries are allowed to impose trade restrictions if they are deemed necessary to conserve natural resources.
Plan your vegetable garden according to your local climate to conserve water.
If governments do this, firms will have an incentive to invest, and consumers to conserve.
Help lower your global water footprint and conserve water.
But the government has hitherto done nothing to encourage them to conserve water or energy.
The plant's white hairs, by reflecting heat and reducing air movement across the leaf's surface, conserve water.
Over half of all green-heart dairy farmers, via local co-operatives, are paid to conserve the environment.
Soybean and cotton growers in this region struggle to conserve easily eroded soils.
In a world whose demand for protein grows daily, the need to conserve stocks is plain.
When animals hibernate they're able to conserve the energy stored in their fat during periods when food is scarce.
Leon goes into a soliloquy about how to conserve ammo by going for head shots on zombies.
We can help by teaching them how to conserve thir land, use efficient stoves, and reclaim the desert.
Apart from being gruesomely gratifying, dismembering enemies helps you conserve ammo.
For some, it meant turning the thermostat down and posting notices to employees to conserve.
They will stop at nothing to conserve their influence and power over society.
Another problem is that even as people conserve and change habits, they still get socked.
Most lightweight runners tend to have mesh uppers to conserve weight.
It will then descend slowly under low power throughout the night to conserve energy.
Many realize that population growth undermines our efforts to conserve resources.
There's neither progress nor conservatism, because there's nothing left to conserve and no direction in which to progress.
And phenomena taking place inside the galaxy generally conserve energy.
The residents can then conserve water and keep the charges down.
They huddle together to escape wind and conserve warmth.
Think of these reserves as our last strategic petroleum reserve and conserve them.
Advocates of recycling would say this is short-sighted and wrong, because it ignores the need to conserve natural resources.
How could the building conserve on water use, he asked.
When stressed, a plant shuts down growth in order to conserve what it has.
When you're out shooting rabbits, it's a mistake to conserve ammunition by catching the bullets on the way out.
Keyboard enters sleep mode when you're away to conserve battery power.
His global experiences inform his urgent quest to stop climate change and conserve global water resources.
Whether commercialized hunting is the best way to conserve a population of large predators is another question.
To conserve water in the desert, where the systems will be installed, the steam is cooled and recirculated back into the boiler.
Its uses the law of conservation to conserve and increase the cooling effect of our polar regions.
The collapsing star has to conserve angular momentum.
We need to conserve, act responsibly, and plan ahead using the best information that science provides.
The left, to be quite blunt about it, has something to conserve.
Fixing leaky faucets and toilets is a quick and easy way to conserve water.
Phones come with receivers that pick up digital broadcast signals, which are usually sent in bursts to conserve battery life.
When wildlife cannot be traded, it loses its value and thus the incentive for people to conserve it.
With people having little incentive to conserve, the authorities then have to resort to rationing when droughts occur.
We do know how to conserve-and it requires constant education.
To conserve energy, shut down the system with the master on-off switch.
Because everybody gets the same amount back, people gain if they conserve and lose if they guzzle.
That's odd, given that lizards are known to thrive in heat and have evolved to conserve water.
Why don't you guys keep your booze and conserve in another area.
And senior executives have appealed to employees and retired partners for ways to conserve cash.
Energy experts in government, business and academe have been pumping out suggestions to help consumers conserve fuel.
When playing tennis, you may be in an environment where you can conserve energy.
If you are going to a big party or out to dinner, conserve calories for the big meal without starving yourself.
Another thing to keep in mind is to conserve energy.
Yet the concept of roping off parts of the ocean to conserve resources is relatively new.
Bees live on stored honey and pollen all winter, and cluster into a ball to conserve warmth.
Get reports and news updates on efforts to conserve the chiru.
All of their courses involved nature education-with the goal of having everyone spread the word about how to conserve our world.
Choose from the efforts and resources below to learn how to conserve resources at home and at work.
Therefore, in order to conserve energy, it is important to conserve our water use within our homes.

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