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Water conservation is promoted through rainwater harvesting and xeriscaping.
And then there was the peace of mind, the quiet, and the conservation of water.
As means and instruments only, they are necessarily subordinate to the conservation of government itself.
It has facilities for conservation of old manuscripts, the rare books and special-collections library.
Anyone who takes global warming seriously agrees that conservation will be a big part of the solution.
Dioramas depicting wild animals in their natural settings promote wildlife appreciation and conservation.
In the coming decades, ocean research, education and conservation will become only more urgent.
We tend to see whales as symbols of conservation, and sometimes even symbols of conservation's excesses.
Lots of people practice energy conservation at home, only to find they can't do it so easily on the road.
Collaborate with a conservation agency or organization who actively brings local community and conservation needs together.
But, in theory, higher water rates can also help to promote conservation.
Many conservation groups compile information about biodiversity in one form or another.
Another side to the government's efforts to future-proof the economy is to promote energy conservation.
On the other hand, when governments put their weight behind conservation, a fair bit of progress is possible.
We believe the needs of nature conservation and humans are compatible.
The report suggests forming an elephant-conservation body and legal protection for the migratory corridors.
Whatever the right figure, such creative approaches are more likely to achieve results than bullying the poor into conservation.
But a deeper commitment to conservation will cost money.
His book is full of nuggets of common and conservation sense.
Some critics extrapolate a national pathology that goes beyond conservation.
Then governments need to look at ways of giving those who exploit the resources of the sea an interest in their conservation.
Water conservation benefits both you and the environment.
Since the beginning, the park has faced challenges to its conservation efforts.
She is an outspoken advocate of moving federal farm policies toward conservation and sustainable land use.
We can make up the foreign oil gap through conservation and conversion quite easily.
And conservation measures can't usually protect species from direct effects of climate change.
In addition to conservation, they were responsible for an exceptionally important innovation.
The fishermen should be out on the water reaping the rewards for the sacrifices they made on behalf of conservation.
They champion healthy eating, land conservation, and better conditions for workers.
Conspicuous consumption has given way to conspicuous conservation.
They started out as a land conservancy, but now they work on great cities as well as conservation of rural lands.
Moderation and conservation are its fundamental values.
Water conservation is probably not uppermost in your mind as you empty your bladder.
The superstar that will really make waves in conservation isn't any of the aforementioned lovable cuddly ocean dwellers.
Conservation often seems to boil down to preserving the environment versus economic opportunity.
All the efforts to combine social networking with energy conservation seem to be pulling the plug.
The plan emphasizes the need to share knowledge and scientific capacity, and establishes a new type of conservation partnership.
Computing industry gets serious about energy conservation.
The authors suggest that the findings will help to reprioritize elephant conservation programmes.
Despite the risks, a network approach to conservation is surely the right way to go.
Forgetting the law of conservation of energy is no small oversight.
Add this great idea to the thousands of other forms of renewable energy sources, efficiency, and conservation.
The low-hanging fruit is conservation, not new generation.
Expecting the world to adopt ascetic puritanical conservation is simply unrealistic.
Nature is forced to use probabilities in order to obey the principle of energy conservation in the long run.
This, along with their dire status as a species, makes them a powerful symbol for the conservation movement as a whole.
And the success of the experiment has suggested a bizarre conservation campaign.
Famous for finding fossils of early humans, the author took up the cause of conservation.
We've taken on energy consumption and conservation with more energy-efficient products.

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