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She's made an inner memo to renounce flirtations and any consequences that might result from them.
Environmentalists are probably worrying too much about the immediate consequences of fracking.
Now the focus is on inequality itself, and its supposedly pernicious consequences.
Another example of the law of unintended consequences, but this time it seems to be a positive consequence.
They have more pressing things to worry about than the economic consequences of their actions.
Nobody did between the wars, and the consequences were disastrous.
Not all capital flow are the same in their financial stability consequences.
Delay does, however, affect the likely political consequences of a debt restructuring.
Part of the answer is probably that not all the negative consequences would have shown up at the time the mechanism was evolving.
Politicians therefore need to start explaining to their electorates the choices they face, and the consequences of those choices.
Yet were it to occur, the consequences could be nasty.
Today's debate is less about the scale of the housing slump than its consequences.
But adhering to strict cultural norms can have serious consequences.
The consequences of its arrival are felt-on the riverbank, in public hearing rooms and in courthouses-to this day.
The loss is a harbinger of even larger, potentially catastrophic, consequences.
Students' online socializing can have unintended consequences.
For student borrowers, the consequences of defaulting on their loans shortly after leaving college could follow them for years.
And seven years of unremitting stress can have devastating consequences on your physical and emotional health.
They must recognize, however, that their choice comes with consequences.
It's one thing to police your students in the hopes that they'll realize actions have real-world consequences.
Students don't realize that actions have consequences.
Yet in the aftermath, the mortgage-backed security remained, with all of its later consequences.
He has also reported on issues of academic and management malfeasance, and the consequences of a rapid rise in spending on sports.
The consequences for students who lack those skills have become increasingly clear both on campus and after graduation.
E-mail invites people to fire off messages in exasperation or frustration without first calmly considering the consequences.
We have been living with the consequences of a worldwide economic calamity for several years now.
War has its own dynamics, and once you start it, the consequences can easily escape your control.
New research suggests that eating these whale products may have unexpected consequences.
Research on the consequences of this great theorem continues to this day.
The law of unintended consequences is waiting in the wings.
Two things: if you help people avoid the consequences of their eating they will learn to ignore consequences of other actions.
The second flaw is a lack of real-life consequences for actions taken in a digital environment.
Global warming is real, and the consequences are potentially disastrous.
Now the results of a new study indicate that these stresses can have serious consequences for doctors and patients alike.
No one knows what the consequences will be as the proportion of human cells in an animal increases.
Scientists continue to learn more about the nefarious consequences of repeated concussions.
Bad things can happen but there is a limit to the scope of such consequences.
Either way, the consequences were so dire that it is a wonder that any species survived at all.
It is better to find faults now, than to have irreparable consequences in the future.
No one can insulate themselves from the consequences of catastrophic global resource failures.
The consequences of such breaches in confidence can be disastrous, and not only for a relationship.
As is often the case with such great social causes, your article fails to look at the unintended consequences.
Then there are the so-called unintended consequences.
Unexpected consequences resulting from fiction pretending to be reality is not a twenty-first century emergence.
Repercussions on the ground were minimal-perhaps a few dropped calls-but up in the sky, the consequences were serious.
Environmentally, using electricity has far more consequences than using a computer.
The bright ethical guidelines had unintended consequences, however.
In fact, these factors may counterbalance or completely offset the negative consequences of the anxiety-related traits.
Until large-scale experiments are funded, the only way to explore the potential consequences is through computer simulations.
Examining diseases, politics, cultures and other unintended consequences.
And he's right, it is bigger-and with way, way bigger consequences.
Among the obvious consequences of deforestation is the loss of living space.
Your collection should show a broad range of events and consequences.
Its benefits come with consequences-called light pollution-whose effects scientists are only now beginning to study.
If fossil fuel use continues to rise, so will global temperatures, with severe consequences for the planet.
The potential consequences are indeed apocalyptic, according to research on asteroid impacts.
Research suggests that, compared with adults, teens value rewards more than consequences.
It had scientific and military consequences, but it had and has enduring human and political consequences as well.
They had had to go up and down hills and valleys and they suffered the medical consequences of doing that.
Cut out the description of that decision's consequences and place it inside the envelope.
He who follows his own advice must take the consequences.
The consequences of this want of firm definition are to be seen in the whole history of the papacy up to the sixteenth century.
Now it is a wholly different thing to be truthful from duty, and to be so from apprehension of injurious consequences.
She can do this only when she has awakened to a knowledge of herself and of the consequences of her ignorance.
There are crowded happenings, and the heat and hurry of situations crashing into their consequences.
The unintended consequences of genetic screening for disease.
Also, it is done by those who have no intention of being caught and having to put up with the legal consequences.
Allowing the violence to go on could have worse consequences than an intervention, though only one that meets certain conditions.
When too many companies outsource their manufacturing, the industrial ecosystem can suffer long-term consequences.
While the blackouts are cutting emissions from power plants, they're having unintended consequences.
The consequences of quantum jumps fill our world: chemistry, for example, is essentially the science of quantum jumps.
If other effects can come into play, it may be that the culling of a species will have unanticipated consequences.
But consequences and penalties often speak louder than the endless search for a better mouse trap.
If plasma wins, the consequences could be startling.
Many of his stories are set in futures where societies are forced to adapt to the consequences of environmental damage.
Now please consider the logical potential consequences of that setup.
Misguided government or company policies that produce negative consequences are also frequently cited by their critics.
He claims that the modern system selects for conscientiousness over raw intelligence, with negative consequences.
There is no easy answer to the question of how to best balance medical expediency with social consequences.
The quantum zeno effect is one of the stranger and more fascinating consequences of quantum mechanics.
Crank starting was not only an inconvenient and laborious task but one that occasionally had nasty consequences.
It is possible to make software tools that enable visceral visualizations of the consequences of current actions.
Tampering with microorganisms in order to give them new capabilities or to turn off genes may produce unintended consequences.
They do not stop and think about the consequences of that first step.
We should watch out for what are the consequences of this bacteria concentration.
Most of us will be all too familiar with the consequences of night of heavy drinking.
Talk of tipping points and tentative suggestions of consequences are puzzling.
But when it makes mistakes, there are no consequences.
One of the consequences of having a blog is that people occasionally offer to send you free stuff.
The structural distinctions have clear behavioral consequences.
Nearly all of the world's motor vehicles run on petroleum, and the environmental consequences are obvious.
Once again it appears that sometimes, trying to suppress large forest fires might be creating unintended negative consequences.
As was stated above, it is simply an exercise of following an axiom to its consequences.
Nonsynonymous changes can be neutral as well, but they may also have functional consequences which are negative or positive.
The consequences are likely to go beyond the quest for heightened pleasure.
No matter what you do, there are consequences, including doing nothing.
They want, he writes, to be rescued from the consequences of their own reckless credit policies.
The insertion of private intermediaries into the program has several unfortunate consequences.
But broken symmetries do have consequences that can be checked empirically.
It is intellectually unsound, potentially destabilizing, and distinctly harmful in its economic consequences.
Today, these same people are seriously worried about the consequences of that fall.
Once this is accepted as a fact, certain consequences might be expected to follow.
If there is a risk, the possible consequences are so grave that you must not let worries over evidence slow you down.
The indirect consequences of such disparities, however, extend much further.
There have been many unintended consequences, both positive and negative, of the rapid proliferation of powerful chess software.
Its purpose was to provide a laboratory for scientific experiments, including one on the consequences of prolonged weightlessness.
Yet the story is as much one of unintended consequences as it is of deliberate actions-let alone of historical necessity.
The best way to proceed is first to describe what happened, and then to speculate about causes and consequences.
Now technology is on the verge of supplanting the human soldier altogether-with consequences that can only be guessed.
It may be free speech, he said, but it has consequences.
But as he left the dinner that night he made a point to remember the conversation: there might be consequences down the road.
The latter has a lot more of the consequences that you mentioned previously.
However, their extraordinary quality can have disproportionate consequences.
The idea that worldwide oil production is likely to drop significantly, with disastrous consequences, is not a fringe belief.
But note the extension of policing to unintended consequences of earlier policing.
He seemed to be the only one with a real sense of consequences.
The only catch: she takes up with the director-with tragic consequences.
In his eagerness to distinguish light from color, he stared at the sun with one eye, to discover the consequences.
More important, they have no capacity to think ahead, to imagine the consequences of their acts.
In reality, however, the sanctions had serious unintended consequences.
And if they are taken too seriously, the geopolitical consequences could be catastrophic.
They knew full well of the consequences--offer a resignation and risk losing their livelihood.
Two pictures, two raids, two sets of consequences for any number of lives in a long set of wars.
They fear that an overreliance on the military will have adverse consequences for privacy and civil liberties.
The consequences of eating meat, and our increasing reliance on factory farms, are almost as disturbing for human health.
And the culture of evasion has negative consequences beyond the current crisis.
The exhilaration of a comic book is produced by dropping the preparations and the consequences of carefully worked-out plots.
The consequences of that lost bearing can be hideous.
Describes the damaging environmental consequences of drilling.
Exactly what is happening, and with what consequences, are matters of dispute.
Tales of infidelity and its consequences figured largely in her conversation-though she judged on a sliding scale.
Anonymity enables its adopter to seek fame while shielding him from the meaner consequences of fame-seeking.
Gambling regulations are crafted to curb adverse social consequences.
The consequences of a misdiagnosis of bipolar can be dire.
The discovery that neutrinos oscillate between forms has huge consequences.
One story line demonstrates the punishing consequences of repression, the other the punishing consequences of liberation.
Both arose on the political fringe, more or less spontaneously, in response to the financial crisis and its economic consequences.
To this day the struggle continues, in small starts with dire consequences.
No one is bothered by the health or social consequences.

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