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Consensual apparently, but it's way more complicated than that.
Some claim a credo can help to galvanise an electorate bored by consensual centrism.
His punishment was reduced because of the consensual nature of the crime.
The arrangement made between adjuncts and universities is a consensual transaction between buyer and seller.
The intimate invasion of people's lives and psyches is itself, of course, often a consensual act.
The declarations of party policy are bland expressions of consensual virtue.
Both parties did indeed call the affair between boss and subordinate consensual.
So let's find a consensual way to navigate the world that allows progress but mitigates risk.
They established protocols and an anarchist and consensual approach to governance.
State companies compete at home and their decision-making is consensual rather than dictatorial.
In fact, the more problematic ones are the ones that seem consensual.
The military should not be in the business of policing private, consensual relationships that do not affect military discipline.
Gambling is no different from any other consensual crime.
Urban conceded that the relationship had existed, but said that it had been consensual.
The sources also said the student had said the encounter had been consensual.
But bigamy laws don't usually have consent exceptions so even consensual polygamy would fit the crime.
My focus is on consensual activity being considered always harmful in the first place.
The arrangement is consensual, and companies often use internships to test potential recruits.
He will presumably govern in a similarly cautious, consensual manner.

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