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On account of some slight stiffness of the muscles of the neck, he had probably escaped conscription.
When conscription ends in a few days, the defense establishment will almost certainly shrink.
The nation had settled the question that it would not have conscription-Times.
The geographic isolation of the southeast-culminating in the conscription to the wilderness of the mountains-is immense.
Here is some height data from various statistical agencies and conscription studies.
Citizenship mattered in the days when defence relied on conscription.
His preferred plan would cut troop levels by a third and halt conscription, a suggestion that makes many in his own party uneasy.
Nationality apart, he was already past the age of conscription.
Conscription, forced labour and other punitive measures soon followed.
Vaccination is the conscription of civilians in the war against bioterrorism.
These costs of conscription would have to be borne if they were a necessary price for defending our peace and security.
For example, conscription laws exempted certain persons from service, including some state officials.

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