conscientiousness in a sentence

Example sentences for conscientiousness

In anorexics, striving for perfection and conscientiousness are common non-pathological traits.
The more conscientiousness companies have also used recycled materials.
How does the brain experience pleasure, the central organ that gives conscientiousness to the self.
Luckily this kind of conscientiousness is a lot more fun than, say, filling out your taxes on time.
Consideration and conscientiousness are both qualities of empathy which are both lacking.
Conscientiousness also tends to rise with age: older workers have lower levels of absenteeism than younger colleagues.
The opposite fault of over-conscientiousness must also be noticed.
From our study, we're looking at it in terms of conscientiousness v post frequency.
But a similar experiment with tighter controls found support only for the traits of extroversion and conscientiousness.
The quality of the training varied within large limits with the capacity and conscientiousness of the master.

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