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Example sentences for conscientious

Conscientious, ethical journalists from all media and specialties strive to serve the public with thoroughness and honesty.
Being an informed and conscientious citizen is important.
Some instructors are conscientious in evaluating students' papers and providing constructive feedback.
Encounter cultural diversity while remaining a conscientious and responsible traveler.
Some are conscientious professionals who help provide research cadavers.
It becomes harder to distinguish between conscientious job-seekers and dilatory ones.
And older workers may cost more but they are often more conscientious and their experience is valuable.
Most people would say they are environmentally conscientious.
He tried to get out of the military as a conscientious objector after that.
For one thing, you are so conscientious that you would let it absorb your whole energy.
So unless he's particularly conscientious, the only draft he'll end up with is the draft, the one he publishes.
There should be conscientious reflection, and the learning of lessons, so that such things never happen again.
These two couples are good, conscientious people, undone by the complexity of their lives.
Each of these volumes is laborious and conscientious.
However, the law does not allow for conscientious objectors, who can receive a maximum three-year prison sentence.
Employees need to be informed and conscientious health care consumers.
One way to build a civil society is to prepare citizens to be conscientious and responsible.
While you hear the odd story of a foreigner getting ripped off, drivers are by and large conscientious.

Famous quotes containing the word conscientious

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