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It tested parents' tolerance of ambiguity, since it lacked strong gender connotations.
Because words have meaning, and that particular word carries some pretty dangerous connotations in an educational context.
In banking, however, the word has less pleasant connotations.
It simply gives false connotations as to what these events are.
It's as if he wants to distance himself from the connotations of that word.
As that remark suggests, antebellum beards bristled with political connotations.
Its algorithms examine the messages' content to identify their topics, whether their references have good or bad connotations.
It comes across as unbelievably misogynistic because as opposed to science, it presents societal connotations.
He would have rejected the label of magician because it might have had dark connotations to him.
IN contrast to politics, in the world of entrepreneurs, going public has fabulously positive connotations.
To a professor, the term might carry connotations of profit motives and deceptive practices.
They also eliminated the words capitalism or free market since they carry negative connotations.
While being a geek used to have negative connotations.
Your connotations are insulting and quite frankly, demonstrate an inability to take criticism.
Those rogue connotations followed me into the workplace.
The word is chutzpah, and it has several possible connotations.
But brand names change, too, and so do their connotations.
But in that context, the negative connotations of the word should be forgotten.
With connotations of healthful living, mindfulness and self-improvement, yoga is a pretty appealing concept.
Colors do carry connotations, and the less traditional ones may not conjure the same thing for every student.
For some reason, this made this phase of development easier for me to handle because determination has positive connotations.
Some cultures were slow to accept the idea of zero, which for many carried darkly magical connotations.
It's more the connotations that have come to surround it.
Interestingly, different shades of the same color had completely different positive or negative connotations.
Fernando is married, but not happily so, and so his arrival is fraught with deeper connotations.
Names with risqué connotations, be they deliberate or coincidental, fare a little better.
The word is so loaded with baleful connotations that it tends to empurple any surrounding prose.
There are harsh, but not unsurmountable, connotations to the term.
The term itch has developed many connotations in our society.
The words natural, organic, unadulterated have unmistakably positive connotations.
Sometimes the old sinister connotations melt away in the face of modern scholarship.
Some of the ideological questions might have more complicated connotations that may be coming into play.
That's consistent with the idea that hardness has connotations of rigidity and stability.
The concept of gossip has negative connotations for many people but, there's no denying that it can be valuable.
Considering our city's frequent frustration in that torturous sport, it's no surprise that both terms have negative connotations.
Choose an image or object that has positive connotations for you.

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