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If you are a hardcore coffee connoisseur, you might find the pod choices too limiting.
He was a true audiophile, and connoisseur of jazz in particular.
She became a connoisseur of sounds: bats clicking, katydids scraping and frogs croaking.
Stark was a vivid describer of scenes and landscapes, and more, she was a connoisseur of people.
Wall understands that cunning is necessary, too, when dealing with an obsessive teaser and connoisseur of farce.
As yourself a great connoisseur of frogs, you can start a promotional campaign.
As a brewery, this place houses more than enough choices in draft and bottle form to please the average connoisseur of suds.
Every connoisseur of lobster recognizes the edible coral or red, more technically known as the ovary with developing eggs.
Shanks, as portraitist and connoisseur of the human form, surprises and delights in this special exhibition.
For the beer connoisseur, the mug club is a special treat.
Their plan is to sell you the same thing for three dollars, or four dollars if you're a connoisseur.
There are many benefits to becoming a connoisseur of the arts and humanities.

Famous quotes containing the word connoisseur

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