conning in a sentence

Example sentences for conning

The operator sits in a conning tower in the top of the car.
IF they do they either do not know what they are talking about, or they are conning us.
Only a conning tower for air intake and radar need be above the surface.
All he cares about it conning them into voting for him as the only alternative.
There is an invisible pilot in a conning tower who calls down directions by phone.
The captain navigated by peering out fist-size portholes in the forward conning tower.
After teaming up and stealing a car, the two set off to make a new life conning country hicks.
His eyeballs roll up under heavy lids as he's conning the general staff with mock humility.
Career con artists never stop conning, and many believe they can con anybody.
The sophisticated vessel also has a conning tower, periscope and air conditioning system.
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